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I will admit when "vlogging" first started becoming an actual profession, I was not impressed by the idea of people attempting to make a career by uploading random moments of their lives on Youtube in hopes people found them interesting enough. What is it that stands this couple apart from all the other YouTube couples trying to make it big besides their obvious extremely attractive looks? For starters This gave us a glimpse into their own personalities and then once they started dating, we began to see their chemistry blossom with every new upload. Everleigh is Savannah's five-year-old daughter who also stars in all the couple's videos along with her side channel that features her own antics. This adorable little girl has everyone falling in love with her big blue eyes and bubbly personality.

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Watched every video, but wanted this to be completely unique and special to her and her daughter. I asked her on January 19th, 5 days after our six months of dating. So we obviously had to get dressed up. I hired photographers, videographers, a musician, and gathered both our friends and family to meet at this special gazebo at the resort. She loves string lights so waited until sunset and had the Resort string light up the gazebo beautifully.

Once we get under the gazebo I signal the musician and photographers to come out. At that same time all the friends and family come out from hiding. She starts to cry as we dance under the string lights at sunset.

She says yes and I give her a tiny ring. Right after that, I ask Savannah to spend forever with me. Now time to plan the wedding! Cole and Sav How we met I live in Alabama but decided to take a last minute California trip for the month of June to explore before my sophomore year of college kicked off. Our Video. Previous Story. Next Story. Cole grew up a devout Christian, Savannah frequently describes how she refound her faith once she left her toxic relationship, and the couple famously was very open about the fact that they waited until marriage.

Their vlogs even frequently show the family praying. In another vlog, Cole elaborates how they believe their relationship works because they put Jesus before everything. How praying together, being open with each other, and worshipping together ultimately made them closer and strengthened their intimacy.

At 21 million views, it is by far their most watched video on their channel. I myself have watched it at least 20 times.

Cole and sav dating advice

They single-handedly repopularized this song. It was in the background of a few of their videos, their proposal video, and it was the first dance at their wedding so it is impossible to separate the two. With its sweet lyrics, it just adds to their appeal that it plays in the back of your mind when you see them.

Everleigh Everleigh is Savannah's five-year-old daughter who also stars in all the couple's videos along with her side channel that features her own antics. Their entire backstory Everleigh is not actually Cole's child.

YouTube Stars Cole and Sav Reveal Their 'Surprising Love Story' in New Book: Read an Excerpt

Just like that, I broke up with the good guy to go back to the bad boy. Yes, Tommy had cheated on me, but strangely enough, that was part of the appeal. When Tommy stared at other girls, even when we were together, that gave me a challenge to make him have eyes only for me. Writing it now, this sounds sick to me, and it was.

See more ideas about Cole and savannah, Sav and cole and Savannah chat. GODLY DATING ADVICE FROM COLLEGE GUY | Cole LaBrant Boyfriend. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cole and Savannah LaBrant's lives have been a series of . Cole relationship with Everleigh as he stepped up to give her a father figure at only 19 is amazing! Sav is beautiful and always does what's beat. Especially when the Splenda sweet couple, Cole & Sav, exploded in . they capture everything from their proposal, dating advice videos.

I describe it as having a disease that I had accepted as my lot in life. He drank a lot, but then again, I drank and partied when we first started dating. And again. My family begged me to give up on Tommy, which only made me mad at them and more determined to change him. But they did. Living this way changed me.

I acted happy in the videos Everleigh and I made on musical. My family saw how miserable I was. My mom told me she was always praying for me to leave him and had her friends praying as well. I know she was also asking God to send a decent, godly guy into my life.

10 Reasons Cole And Savannah LaBrant Are Literal Couple Goals

I never imagined Cole might be the answer to that prayer when I sent my sister off to find him. He was too young for me, and he lived on the other side of the country, so having any kind of relationship with him was out of the question.

There was just something about him that drew me. I decided to go with it and see where it might lead. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson.

Cole and Savannah Labrant are the best relationship to look up to. They give out relationship advice. They have noticed the attention they. GODLY DATING ADVICE FROM COLLEGE GUY | Cole LaBrant. Savannah Soutas + Cole LaBrant Savannah Soutas, Cole And Savannah, Cute Family. Cole and Savannah LaBrant, the newly-married couple known for their but adds that their relationship has grown after he married Savannah.

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I had never had a girlfriend, never loved someone, and never made love. I had thought about my future wife every day for the past 20 years and how I would.

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