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Author's Note: Hello everybody! This is a Fremione one shot story for the 50 ways to say Goodbye challenge. It is my first time writing a Fremione story. I did not expect the one shot to be so long, but I think I like how it turned out! I wrote it in both Hermione and Fred's point of views. I hope Fred's was ok!

Lunch was certainly going to be interesting that's for sure. I don't really know how to explain my latest screw up in a letter but you need to hear about it before the press gets hold of it.

Can you meet us no its not George in Hogsmead for lunch today and we will explain it all then? I'm sure you will be thrilled once you get over wanting to murder me. Get down here! When she heard him start down the stairs she turned to make a pot of tea. Molly pointed over her shoulder at the letter sitting in the middle of the table. Arthur groaned as he set down the brief note. Are you ready to go see what he did now?

Molly nodded and grabbed her cloak. They always do things together. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Hermione and Fred have been dating secretly for a year. When they decide to go public they do it in a very Weasley way Hermione mutely held out her hand to show a simple silver claddagh with a ruby in the middle.

Molly read the letter with growing concern.

This did not sound good in the slightest. Mum and Dad I don't really know how to explain my latest screw up in a letter but you need to hear about it before the press gets hold of it. Love Fred "Arthur! Whats wrong? Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

That is the day five days from now! When were you going to tell me? He was determined about not letting anybody else die for him.

Hermione and Fred have been dating in secret for quite some time now. Hermione had been determined to keep it a secret in order to protect. FredGeorge and Hermione are complete opposites, but this C2 is for people Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. Fred and Hermione are coming clean with their relationship. How will the "?Come now. Who would suspect the big secret is just us dating?

But we made him see that tonight would have been worthless if he left now," she said as Fred scowled at this. He picked a fantastic time to try to be noble," he said angrily and took a deep breath. We sorted it out. It is fine. Except for the fact that I have to leave you soon," she said sadly.

Fred closed his eyes and rested his head on her forehead. If we finish you-know-who, we can end this war. He knew that was wishful thinking though. We have been in this together since we were eleven.

We might as well finish it together. I've been preparing for months. I shouldn't have told you that! You- know-who is not going to know about this. He paused, wondering if this was what had her so worried. I'm Hermione Granger! Fred normally would have loved her sense of humor, but at this moment he did not find it endearing. Hermione's expression softened when she saw the look on his face. But nothing is certain in war, Fred.

He felt like he knew that part better than anybody else did at this moment. His family had been through so much already, and it seemed like the war was just starting for everybody else! He did not really know what to say to comfort her then, so they sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

He hated to think about the dangerous tasks his girlfriend and his brother were about to encounter. He did not want to think about what was coming next. Hermione must have been thinking the same thing as he was because a few moments later she said, "Can we not say goodbye for a few minutes?

I just want to be here with you beforebefore" the look she gave him told him that she did not want to say the dreaded word either. His heart lurched at the thought of that word, but he nodded. He was good at putting things off until the last minute.

Be My Person (Fremione Fanfic Trailer)

He knew that there was a possibility that this would be the last time they could be together like this. It was not something he wanted to think about.

Fred could not trust himself to speak just then though. His throat was tightening up. He looked up when Hermione placed her hand in his and closed the space between them. He wrapped his arms around her protectively.

He realized that these might be the only moments he could protect her in this war. He closed his eyes and tried to think of happy memories. But all he could think about was how he could not lose her. They had been quiet for several moments when she spoke again. These words caused Fred to widen his eyes in shock and to sit up straight. He had not been expecting this at all!

Fred continued to stare at her before letting out a shocked chuckle. You've got brilliant timing, you know that? You tell me you love me right when you are about to leave.

For the first time too, might I add! He had had other girlfriends before Hermione, but he never had any serious girlfriends. Nobody had ever told him that they loved him outside of his family. It was quite a new experience for him! He was still stunned, and his mind was whirling as Hermione began talking again. That was for sure! He thought to himself, but tried to focus on the words she was saying. I could not say goodbye without you knowing. Hermione Granger loves me!

Hermione and Fred have been dating secretly for a year. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Hermione G., Fred W. - Chapters: 2.

His expression softened when he paused to look at her again. He swallowed nervously as he pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. That caused a grin to spread across her face and she moved forward to kiss him. Sometime later on during the night, Hermione checked the time on her watch.

Her eyes widened when she saw it was three a. Three a. She sat up and shook Fred's shoulder lightly. He had been slowly drifting off to sleep on her shoulder. She hated to wake him, though she knew that Ginny would worry if she saw that Hermione was missing this late at night.

It's three in the morning.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Hermione G., Fred W. - Words: except that the secret is a little bigger, the revelation is a little more public, I mean, I know we aren't dating, but, well, we've known each other. Charlie was sitting next to Ginny, with Fred opposite Hermione, with dating, Hermione, share a secret about the family of your boyfriend. Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. This is because Ron thinks that he's 'in love' with her. But when.

They quietly made their way down the tree and made their way back to the house. He led her into the kitchen quietly. Right when she started toward the stairs again, he pulled her into an embrace and held her for several moments. Her heart broke as she wrapped her arms around him again. Hermione knew that this was harder on him than he admitted and she wished there was another way out of this.

But there was not another way. Hermione's eyes started to tear up at those words and lifted his face up in her hands. She held his gaze for a moment before she kissed him quickly. She knew it wasn't the ones beneath hers; she hardly moved a muscle. Finally she heard a gusty sigh. I'm sneakier than you think, she told them in her mind.

Now what are you up to? As if to answer her, the next sentence made Ginny sputter in disbelief. Who would suspect the big secret is just us dating?

I mean, it's not like we're obvious, and it's not exactly suspected. She didn't know which yet. George can sleep through an earthquake, but Ginny's a light sleeper. Be careful going back in.

Good night. Ginny came down the last eight steps and turned to look into the notch in the wall that housed the twins' doorway.

She wasn't prepared for the sight she saw, even though she might have expected it with how the conversation just went. Hermione's arms were around her brother's neck, leaning into him to support some of her weight. Fred's arms were wrapped tight around her friend's waist, supporting her and holding her in place.

Their bodies were molded together from hip to shoulder. If the embrace wasn't enough to shock her, the kiss was.

George cast furtive glances at Fred and Hermione. And Fred Fred wasn't dating anyone, but Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley? The idea. Hermione Granger gets locked in a closet with Fred Weasley one day during her fifth year. It is not just any old closet at Hogwarts. It likes to hold. Summary: Fred and Hermione have kept up a secret relationship for 3 years, and now war is upon them and Fred needs to tie Hermione to him.

Fred's head was dipped over Hermione's, lips slanted over hers. Hermione's head was tilted to the side to give him more access. Their tongues darted back and forth between their mouths, and Ginny couldn't tell whose tongue was whose.

Ginny just stood there for a moment, registering it before she made her presence known. Hermione and Fred jumped, startled, before Fred turned so Hermione was behind him before pulling out his wand and pointing at the currently unknown intruder. Seeing her face though, he lowered the wand. Once she saw who it was, she hid behind Fred again, muttering. Of course, we had to get caught. At least it wasn't Mrs. Bloody hell.

Hermione came out and stood beside Fred, curling her arm around his in nervousness. Ginny saw her grip tighten on her brother's arm. Fred looked at his sister with calm eyes before addressing the human leech on his arm.

The girl sighed and loosened her grip on his arm. She ran her hand down his arm until she twined her hand with his. Ginny's eyebrows shot up in surprise. Her brother grinned at her. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Fred had liked the spice in the secrecy. She squeezed his hand in warning. He grinned in response. Hermione looked back at Ginny, pleading with her with her eyes. Ginny sighed, and then grinned.

She had a twin-like idea. Hermione nodded for her to continue. Which had better be soon. Sheesh, you guys have been going out for a year! Fred grinned.

Ginny sighed. She's been friends with Ginny for six years now. She knew Ginny would want something in return. Ginny proved her right as she gave her an evil grin. Fred pulled Hermione in front of him and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Some details aren't meant for your young ears. Ginny huffed.

Fred and hermione secretly dating fanfiction

Hermione didn't want to know. See, you were born in the summer. My precious Hermione here was born early September. She had to wait a year to start Hogwarts, so she's already eighteen. So technically ," Fred waggled his eyebrows, "you're still too young but she's old enough.

Ginny, fine, I'll talk to you, but please, do not tell your mother. We'll talk when we're ready, and yes, I'll make sure it's sometime soon. Fred, stop provoking her and insinuating falsities. Hermione sighed, squeezed her captor's arms gently before turning inside them. Reluctantly she pulled away and stepped out of his arms, taking Ginny at the elbow and steering her back towards her room. Ginny put up no fight, and soon Fred couldn't be seen. The two got settled on Hermione's bed, and Hermione told of her relationship with the redhead's brother.

She told her about her crush since the summer after fifth, and how she tried to drop hints, but wasn't sure if he picked them up. Finally over Christmas, she gave him a cloak clasp that said 'will you go out with me?

The words disappeared after it was read twice, and Hermione had hid in her room at Grimmauld Place the whole morning, mentally cursing herself for her stupidity. Surprisingly, to her, he didn't laugh or poke fun at her, but came to her room and accepted. The rest of the holidays they went places for little dates. One time, he heated up some hot chocolate for the two of them and they stayed up half the night talking, getting to know each other outside some kind of relationship with Ron friend of or brother to.

He frequently visited Hogsmead, conveniently on days that the students could go to the village. Over the summer, they finally kissed, and continued to do so often after finding they liked it Hermione had only kissed Krum once before they broke up, and Fred thought that kissing her was different then kissing other girls.

Fred continued to visit on Hogsmead weekends and they spent as much time as they could secretly over holidays. This was the first time they were caught, but they'd had some close calls.

Finally, after about an hour of talking, Hermione finished. Ginny sat there for a few moments, taking it all in, before she launched herself at her friend. Hermione, caught off guard, fell back into her pillows while Ginny giggled on top of her.

It's just that, everyone pictured you with Ronso everyone's going to be blown away when they find out you're with Fred. I mean, yeah, I had that crush on him back in first through third year, but really, he is too immature to date. He's barely mature enough to have as a best friend. I never really saw us together after realizing that. I mean, I love her like a second mum, but she can get really scary. I know she wouldn't object to Ron and I in a relationship because we're really close in age, so I'm hoping that she doesn't mind too much about Fred and me.

I mean, he's only about a year and a half older than me. We were just two years separate in school because I was born after September first. Now, whatever you guys have been doing so far seems to be working.

Plus, I heard you leave, so I followed you. I would have felt foolish if all you were doing was going to the bathroom or something. That's what made me suspicious in the first place, but I just figured you had a crush or something. Also, when you leave, tell me where you're going so I can try and keep people away.

There's only a week left of break anyways. But you guys better tell at least mum or dad before break is over. Ginny grinned. Let's get some sleep.

Hermione took Ginny's advice and acted normal around the twins' bedroom. Weasley noticed the change and just shook her head and chalked it up to being a teenager. She may not act like it, but she's still a hormonally unbalanced teenage girlshe thought.

She'll try to hide it, but she's not as old as she acts. She did the chores well enough, and she seemed happy, so that was enough. Hermione really didn't want to give up her secret relationship. She liked the secrecy too. But now that Ginny had found out, they knew that there were higher chances of others finding out too.

Hermione and Fred knew that they would have to be more careful until they revealed it. Fred acted like it didn't bother him, but he was nervous about revealing it. Things could happen, like their families not approving, them being kept apart, Hermione being asked to leave.

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