kyungsoo and kai are so gay i love it so much .

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[ENG] 150404 EXO Kai,Kyungsoo Momments Guerilla Date Interview

Now I know guys, you all have had your moments of doubt. Sometimes this couple seems married and sometimes they look like total strangers but trust me the first option is the one to go by till your last breath after you have seen this post. Please support them! Love them! I've seen kyungsoo with other members specially with chanyeol!

Hanging out with you and the guys when his head suddenly falls onto your shoulder and his breaths are heavier. Him being incredibly passionate about things he loves. You being one of those things. Lots of piggy back rides. He loves making you blush. Constant flirting. Him being a strong believer that you should never give up on your dreams, and he will be fully supportive of you in whatever you chose to do.

Traveling around the world together and visiting different places whenever he gets time off because you both love going away and escaping for a little while together. The two of you never having an argument, never a raised voice or a crossword. But you do have to constantly battle with Kyungsoo and the dogs for his attention. Him telling you that he loves you every day, just so you never forget how much he cares about you and how much he treasures the relationship.

Him and Sehun buying you convenience store presents for your birthday. Probably something sentimental like a necklace that you can carry around with you anywhere. Him admiring you and being so in love with you and falling more and more every day At Nighttime Originally posted by kyungception Sleeping A lot Sometimes he will lie down and fall asleep instantly and you have to cuddle up to him because he fell asleep so quickly.

Okay but sex with this man is going to be fucking amazing.

Dating Kai would include. image but you do the same thing so when you see each other you're both like aW and Kai is laughing at you and you're like? I am a big fan of both Jennie and Kai and do not wish to disrespect them in And there are reasons to this; a dating scandal could ruin or really.

Praise the lord for those hips. Those hip thrusts? And he is not going to let you go the whole night without moaning. To be honest, we will never know. And to be honest, I would ship that because I just hope that whoever they are really with, they are happy with the way things are and that the person they are with makes them happy. While this article is full of speculation about what the status of their relationship is, I want to state again that this is all just for fun and I do hope that they are happy whatever their relationship status is.

Whether they are still together, were never together or are just friends now, I do hope that as fans we will also continue to respect them as individuals and continue to respect both groups since this is what they both deserve. Log in to comment. Dating is never a scandal. Dumbshit "fans" who can't handle that adults date and don't need their approval to do so is the true scandal.

Reasons Why Jennie and Kai's Dating is Different from Other Idol Dating Scandal

Night Mode. Original Content. Posted by exocomebaek Tuesday, January 29, Notmykl pts Tuesday, January 29, 0 Tuesday, January 29, Stray Kids Reveal Their Lightstick. BTS's Jimin tops individual boy group member brand values this month, G-Dragon makes first entry in 2nd place.

Netizens bring up the final member line-up error on season 2 of 'Produce ' in light of the vote-manipulation controversy. Ji Sung assembles a team of handsome actors for his new tvN running variety. Stray Kids drop preview of their official fan light stick!

1/ KAISOO " when they were only jong in and Kyungsoo as simple as . tears trying not to cry!! it was just one day after Kai dating confirmed. EXO's Kai and D.O. have one of the best friendships out there and these And although Kai's dating news with BLACKPINK's Jennie's may be. And why Kai and Kyungsoo were teary and so sad and they couldn't even look at each others after sm announces Kai's dating news!! Why he couldn't even look.

People's Choice Award'. And a year Kyungsoo was especially insecure when it came to Kai. And this two moments shows it perfectly.

dating kai

This is only what I think, feel free to analyze it however you want. Take care! Do you think chanbaek and kaisoo is real? Isn't it a bit delusional to think that 4 members of a 9 member boy band is gay? Statistics show that 1 in every 5 men are gay so this is a bit too much.

And also they just seem like friends. I look at my friends the same way Chanyeol looks at Baekhyun. Nothing special here. Kai does look at Kyungsoo strangely but the fact that he is dating Krystal shows kaisoo isn't real. I work in the media industry and I am telling you mediaplay is very real and it does exist for alot of purposes one of those is to cover shit up.

There is news value in them and tv stations as well as news broadcasters are very aware of that.

How many other otps have you seen get their pictures exclusively taken, with conscious framing then broadcasted for the entire country to see ; pictures that may or may not have homosexual connotations? And as I say, big companies like SM and YG have all the juicy bits and have a very big risk of losing reputation as well as gaining esp when they have so many wild teenage idols who can fuck up or raise their stocks in nanoseconds, do you think news agencies would let them go easy?

Like wise, do you think such a multibillionaire conglomerate is gonna let these puny news agencies fuck them over with young hormonal kids? What these news agencies want, SM can offer in a heartbeat and more, agencies are putty in their hands, and SM can play as big a game they want with fans and the world, so you tell me who you want to believe.

Omfggg cant believe the askbox is open akdjjzjd first of all can I just day that I love you guys all so so much and I really appriciate all your hard work and second do you know any new fics with angst, romance and smut it can be any au, that doesn't matter for me or ones where kyungsoo is too scared to admit that he's actually in love with jongin?

Like that one fic with dystopian! For the readers interested in the dystopian! When your read Ksoo's interviews and you see how he's trying to avoid talking about relationships, girls, obviously lying about his first love wich seems pretty like Kai, talking about how he doesn't like kissing scenes We all know he is very independent.

Do you think he grew to the point were he would like to people to know?

EXO D.O Reaction to Kai and Krystal Dating (Kaistal) #Kaisooforever. June Check out more videos here: sorry for late.. lol. In the world of Korean pop music, dating can be viewed as a bad thing. Kai has been a member of the K-pop boy band Exo since its formation in combined million followers, it's not hard to think what might happen if they do. request to @kaisoopug. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. EXO's Kai and D.O. confirmed their dating rumor in front of EXO's Chanyeol.

Hey anon! But your interpretation is really interesting, in my opinion. Some things just come out naturally. For example, one of the ways to know if a girl is lesbian is asking about her previous relationships. Another thing I notice he does is being contraditory during interviews.

After all, in one interview he mentioned that his first love was sad, but in another he said it was an warm experience. It could had been caused because the artists are normally trained before answering the questions, and it can and does interfere in most of his answers. More than the public think. So, in conclusion, idols train too much in every aspect of their lives.

kyungsoo and kai are so gay i love it so much

In interviews is no different. I actually do believe in some parts of that theory. So no, SM did not know about kaisoo at the time. Then during mama era I feel that SM kind of caught on to kaisoo, started to notice the things we as shippers noticed and so they started to heavily observe them e. Then I feel that kaisoo told their families since they are very family oriented people.

Kai and d.o dating

Afterwards it was member after member until they got full support of all of them. I want to ask if there are any new good Powerbottom! And also a little request. Some time ago I found this amazing fic but can't find it again. It was something about a mind palace and Kyungsoo being in a coma or something.

Can u guyzzz help?? I live for this blog and keep up the hard work guys. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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