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Caesar & girlfriend Karlie Redd from Black Ink Crew New York

Sunday, July 23, AM. E-mail to friend. Ceaser sat down for a recent interview with VH1 and discussed his relationship with Karlie Redd, confirming they had called it quits. The tattoo artist also took aim at Redd for lying about them being celibate during their relationship. The "Black Ink Star" was asked about the status of his relationship with Karlie at this time, answering, "Umm I mean, for real for real, that [expletive] over.

Karlie and caesar dating

That [expletive] a joke. When we went and made the announcement, she had my - how can I say this and be polite, um - she just finished giving me [expletive]. So how we celibate? In the car driving there. So, put it like this: that celibacy was a [expletive] joke.

Dutchess and caesar from black ink dating - How to get a good man. Walt and she ready to karlie redd from black ink nyc cast members kitty and ceaser's fatal. Things may have really cooled off between Karlie Redd and Black Ink Crew's Ceaser and Karlie may be looking back at an old flame. purpose so I don't blame Karlie for ending it. Cease isn't exactly dating material anyway. At JetOne Jets Field Source:Getty. Aaron and Karlie dated back in when she first started out on LHHATL. 9. Caesar from Black Ink.

Karlie Redd celibate. My [expletive].

Ceaser also touched on feeling played by Karlie when she brought him as her date to the store opening, knowing that her ex-boyfriend Yung Joc would be there. But by then it's too late to sit there and tell me you ain't gon' do it.

Ceaser went on to add, "And then the next thing about it is like, I [expletive] with Joc. This ain't the first time me and Joc ran across the same joint. This is Atlanta. But I tell you one thing, I ain't gon' violate and knock down any of his baby mothers or do no crazy [expletive] like that. Daily Buzz Receive daily ates.

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Love & Hookups: Karlie Redd’s Krazy Dating History Before Getting Engaged

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Cancel Submit. Dec 19, 8. Are y'all really surprised? I wouldn't be shocked if most of her cast mates had something as well. Thanks x 7.

Dec 19, 9. Let's not act like Ceasar wasn't out there slinging it far and wide before he met Karlie. Thanks x 24 LOL! Dec 19, Cesar didn't care about no STD before he caught one so I don't care that he caught one.

Karlie Redd Shows Ceaser Around Atlanta ‘Sneak Peek’ - Black Ink Crew

I also don't see how he can point the finger at Karlie unless he was being monogamous. Thanks x 3. Oh please. Karlie may be a hussy, but she's an enterprising one. She prob gets regular check ups and keeps it clean so she don't mess up her "opportunities. Dec 20, If Casaer really doesn't care about catching STD's then he is a truly disgusting person and an idiot. I swear her nether regions are a running topic! What exactly is going on down there?

Are Karlie Redd and Yung Joc already over - again? The 'L&HH' beauty was seen cozying up to Ceasar Emanuel, the star of 'Black Ink Crew', and now rumors are swirling that She's dating other guys, she's living her life. As we all know and heard Ceasar and Dutchess of 'Black Ink Crew' have officially broken up. While it's been well known that Dutchess has. #KarlieRedd's petty hat is ON today #Ceasar. 82 · Ceaser has said previously that he and Karlie Redd only dated for a few months.

Serves him right for being a fame whore! How he know it was her?

Who Is Karlie Redd Dating Now? Mother To A Teen Daughter Jumps From One Boyfriend To The Other

He's been getting in far and wide for a while now. Not saying I'd be surprised but she's not the only thot bopping on his dack.

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Ceaser Needs Everyone To Know He Was Never Celibate With Karlie And In Fact, Karlie And Persuasion Went Downtown Together, Too. Ceaser also touched on feeling played by Karlie when she brought him as her date to the store opening, knowing that her ex-boyfriend Yung. Love & Hookups: Karlie Redd's Krazy Dating History Before Getting Engaged. Posted July 19, By kiyonnathewriter. Posted July 9. Caesar from Black Ink.

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