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Shikamaru and Temari's First Date Goes Wrong

First story, try to bear with me. Starts with Naruto in the hospital after fighting Sasuke in the Valley of the End. Goes straight to trip with Jiraiya with special somebody. Any and all reviews I'll read so don't hesitate to critique. It's appreciated.

I'll kill her!

Iruka came over and had Naruto come stand with him at the alter as Shizune was about to walk down the aisle, making Iruka smile. Naruto again started to wonder if someone would even make him smile like that, or if he could ever make someone else smile the same way. He was sure that someday, someone would make him smile like that but his mind weighed heavily on it never being returned. He stood there the whole time, his emotionless look. When the ceremony was over Naruto went back to his seat next to Tayuya as Shizune and Iruka came to sit down as well.

Shizune smiled at Tayuya, they were somewhat close which Naruto liked since he didn't want her to become someone who lived a solitary life like him. Eventually they would start getting missions and she would be able to afford her own place. Naruto figured when that happened he would become an after thought to her, just some blond haired guy that you occasionally say 'Hi' to on the street.

Shizune held her kind smile, "Thank you so much for coming Tayuya, it means a lot to Iruka, myself and I am sure Naruto appreciates it as well. Naruto wouldn't have had anyone to come with if I didn't come. I don't know the right answer to that.

I said she did earlier and she hit me. So I said she didn't and she hit me. Iruka and Shizune both smiled as they looked at the two then Naruto gave a small smile, "I am happy that you both are so happy, that you found each other. I gave Baa-chan money to buy our gift for you but I am not sure she will show up. He carefully put it on the table for the two of them then there was a low whistling sound, Naruto knew the sound but it was to late to react.

The next thing they knew he took a kunai into his shoulder sending him stumbling backwards. He saw that an explosive tag ignited and he quickly pulled it out then threw it up into the air where it exploded.

Naruto sighed as he looked at his now ruined suit, " Iruka went to get him but he disappeared in a cloud of smoke, "A clone, Naruto are you alright? Naruto scratched the back of his head, "I am going to go Iruka-sensei, Shizune, I hope you have a good rest of the night.

Tayuya I will see you when you come home tonight. Iruka had a concerned look on his face though, "I hope he will be alright. Is your shoulder alright? Since we are already dressed for it. While they ate Naruto looked over at Tayuya who seemed to be staring at him, "Why are you staring at me like that Tayuya? Is there something on my face?

Naruto and tayuya dating fanfiction

I get that when you retaliate things get worse but it never seems to affect you. I can't let it affect me to much or I could lose control of myself or Kyuubi. I wouldn't be able to do it. You get mad at. I will prove you wrong. I won't get mad when you call me Tayuya-chan anymore. When they finished Naruto asked for the bill and saw it was double what it should have been. Naruto looked at the waitress and sighed, placing the amount with no tip. The waitress looked offended, "What the hell no tip?

Naruto just turned and opened the door for Tayuya and as they stepped out the cold wind hit her making her shiver.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U., Tayuya most painful beatings he'd received from the pink haired kunoichi to date. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U., Tayuya .. Tayuya sighed, before thinking of her favorite memory of the blond to date. Naruto and Tayuya have been dating for three years in secret. Tayaya is tired of Orochimaru's obsession for the sharingan and immortality and.

Naruto noticed and removed his jacket and put it on her shoulders making her look at him. He gave her a small soft smile, "Don't want you to get sick, you are already enough of a pain in my ass. Kyuubi doesn't let me, was very useful for a amount of time.

I never meet my parents so I had to live in a orphanage. On my sixth birthday though, I was kicked out of the orphanage and I didn't have anywhere to live. No one wanted to take me in so for about a year I had to live on the streets.

I would have died if I hadn't had this ability to never get cold, I have a figured that it is Kyuubis doing. My mother instantly remarried but her new husband didn't want anything to do with me because I wasn't his child.

She then notices Naruto starts to grin but she couldn't wonder why "are you gonna fuckin' tell me silent" yelled Tayuya as she quickly wanted an answer. Naruto chuckles at her he feel well knows of her hot temper attitude and sometimes her impatience "no they wouln't be able to go after us because going to this world is one way trip you can't enter the same world and the jutsu would just enable any from using the jutsu to get their.

So, if we get there we don't have to worry about the leaf or sound Tayuya-chan. This caused a grin to appear on her face "and if they did found us missing those fucking pussy ass bitches would just think we died and someone burned our fucking bodies. But I was wondering what is this jutsu called? If Naruto was grinning he was now having a shit eating grin appear on his face showing off his fangs making the young ninja look like an actual fox.

Tayuya-chan do you still want to perform the jutsu? After a minute of silence Tayuya thinks over the choices and the pros and cons of actually doing this.

The week before the wedding Naruto had given Tayuya money to go scene, kick your ass then make sure no girl ever wanted to date you. Naruto Uzumaki had proved that the title of Konoha's most unpredictable Tayuya, the Sound Ninja Four's ill tempered and only female member was .. here doesn't mean that we're dating or anything like that you Dumbass! Naruto awoke to Tayuya's surprised gasp beside him. He saw the book was .. How long have you both been dating Naruto?" "About a week.

Besides if we do die fuckin die at least were gonna die together Foxy-kun. Besides we aren't going to fuckin die Blondie we're going to leave this shithole. This action caused the redhead to blush crimson Naruto would always mention how beautiful and pretty she is but it still causes the the redhead to blush.

Naruto and Tayuya snapped to their on guard positions, each now .. the Yamanaka said with a assured voice, "Naruto is dating that Tayuya. Tayuya and Naruto head home, wanting to take a long soak. They enter their home and head upstairs. "Man, that was a long mission." Naruto. Slight AU where Tayuya survives her fight with Shikamaru and goes along with Naruto on his training trip. Will stick close to canon but diverges.

Naruto closes his eyes he then pulls out his katanas glaring at Sakon. Kiba growls at the two headed ninja. Just as Shikarmaru was going to have his team take the now captured Sound Four but before they can do it Sakon's twin brother Ukon is up in a tree glaring at the Nara.

The white haired twin launches himself off the tree as he comes at Shikarmaru with amazing speed cocks his fist back punching Shikarmaru on the back of the head causing Shikarmaru to fall. Doing this caused the heir of Nara clan to break his concentration of his shadow possession jutsu.

When this happen it cause the leaf ninjas to be shocked but if you look at Naruto you would see his eyes narrowing "so that's Sakon and Ukon Kekkei Genkai able to split themselves apart.

Kidimaru smirks sinisterly at the Konoha ninjas "did you tree huggers really think it would be that easy? Inside the cave Kiba had used his Passing Fang and choji his huge human bolder.

But just as Kiba got ready for his fang over fang Neji quickly puts his hand on the brash canine shinobi. Kiba gets angry at Neji stopping from trying to break through the earth dome "What Neji-san we gotta break this stupid thing! Neji just sighs at the idiot "What you're doing isn't working this dome is able to absorb chakra so you're basically wasting your chakra. We need a plan. They each nod their heads "I have an idea. Shikarmaru then sighs "well we don't have enough time to come up with another plan so, Naruto do what you need to do.

Naruto then throws the two sealing papers what happened left them shocked as he threw them a huge explosion of yellow light brighten ups forcing them to block the light from blinding them when they uncover their eyes they are free from their prison. Naruto stands next with Shikarmaru as both of them facing off against Tayuya Naruto gets into his fighting stance while Shikarmaru gets ready for his next plan of action "you ready Naruto?

Naruto nods his head smirking "hell yea! Naruto then sighs running his hand through his blonde hair "that seal on your chest is a Chakra Draining Seal, Shikarmaru I'm sorry but if I tell you want I'm about to do you wouldn't let be do it.

I just want you to know I'm glad we're friends and I'm free from the village. Naruto then looks towards the huge crate containing the last Uchiha. Tayuya nods her head taking unstrapping the crate from her back seting it down. Both Naruto and Tayuya watched as the crate blows up with flaming woods and body parts flying around. Naruto nods his head "Yeah when I blew up the earth dome i had 30 shadow clones to set the explosion tags all over this place making it seem we died under the trees and unable to retrieve but it won't matter by the time Shikarmaru awakes we'll be long gone.

Naruto then seals his chain scythe "Alright let's get this shit started. As the jutsu activates both redhead and Naruto are covered in blinding blue eclectic chakra both Naruto and Tayuya grits their teeth in frustration at releasing a large amount of chakra. Naruto then starts pouring in some of Kyuubi's chakra Naruto's hair becomes wilder, his nails becomes claws, his canine like fangs start to grow becoming fangs, his traditional whiskers start darken and Naruto blue eyes transform into red fox eyes Naruto then starts gain a red bubbling chakra cloak one tail appears.

Tayuya looks at her boyfriend she couldn't help but to blush at seeing her now sexy boyfriend she then quickly gets out of her own world focusing on the task at hand Tayuya then activates her curse mark as she activates her Level 1, it spread across her entire body in straight lines spreading out in a jagged, zigzag pattern. She quickly goes into her Level 2 form, her skin became a dark shade of brown, gains yellow eye irises with dark black eye sclerae, and two black vertical markings appears under her eyes.

Tayuya's hair become longer, growing to her thighs and several horns appears on the top of her head, which grow when she exerts herself. Naruto then looks towards his girlfriend having similar thoughts as Tayuya when she saw her boyfriend enter his Kyuubi mode he then shakes his head focusing on the task at hand "we're almost done Tayuya-chan.

As Kimimaru looks around he noticed the dead body parts of Sasuke Uchiha this caused Kimimaru to get angry glaring at Naruto and Tayuya with his eyes full with hate.

Tayuya smirks at Kimimaru she then flips him "fuck you bitch, fuck that faggot Orochi-pedo, and fuck Orochimaru's sex toy Believe It! As this was happening an unconscious Naruto and Tayuya were flying through a wormhole the jutsu worked it had absorb their chakra but in doing so the jutsu absorb both their chakra including Kyuubi and the curse mark.

An Unusual Couple. A resounding "Smack! Moments afterward, Naruto was still staring blankly at the door Sakura had just disappeared behind, the red hand print growing on his cheek. He had just gotten back from the failed mission to recover Sasuke before he could join Orochimaru. Naruto figured his female team member would be upset, but not to this extreme He had gotten it "beaten" into him earlier that he did all he could to keep his other team mate from joining Orochimaru, courtesy of Tsunade herself.

His anger building, Naruto quietly slipped out of the hospital window as soon as he was alone. He still blamed himself for what had happened, he still broke a promise, but Sakura's reaction seemed to cause his already conflicting emotions to boil over, resulting in the need for some time to think. He took off at a steady pace towards the forest surrounding Konoha,his mind wandering.

Sasuke was most likely with Orochimaru at that moment, training just to beat his brother. Naruto couldn't help but feel like sadness and anger were fighting for control of him at that moment. He failed, no way around that, but he still tried his best.

He shouldn't be blamed The blond haired shinobi looked up, seeing that his feet had unconsciously taken him to where Chouji had stayed behind to fight the first of the sound five. Sighing, he started to retrace the path that he had taken the day before A woman in her early twenties reclined back in her favorite chair, putting an object she loved dearly on a table nearby before going over that moment in Konoha's forests, when her life was drastically changed forever.

Naruto had told her why he had ventured into the forest that day, although she didn't like the reasons, the result couldn't have pleased her more.

She closed her eyes and sighed, remembering that day like it was yesterday, as she waited for Naruto to return home. He stopped moving as he landed on the stump of what used to be a tree, and took amongst the wreckage for any sign of life. He soon spotted where the sound had come from though, a red-headed girl who was partially buried under a tree.

The blond recognized her as Shikamaru's opponent moments later. Nonetheless, Naruto quickly ran over to her, stopping on the tree she was currently lying on. Getting her out wasn't going to be easy, the part of the tree that had fallen on her legs wasn't small, to put it lightly.

He quickly created a few shadow clones, and began move the tree out of the way. The girl though, snapped her eyes open at the sound of his jutsu. Took a moment to wait for her vision to adjust, and snapped "What the fuck are you doing leaf scum!

Despite her voice sounding weak and tired, she still managed to get her anger across to the blond The red-head did her best to snarl at him from her position and health, before trying again, in a slightly louder voice. She waited a few moments, watching him for a reaction as he almost had the tree completely removed from her body.

After getting none, she narrowed her eyes and let out a low growl. If your gonna fucking kill me just get it over with! Naruto sighed and dismissed his clones, having moved the tree successfully, before turning to the foul mouthed red-head.

Congratu-fucking-lations, you moved the damn tree, when you coulda just killed me outright in the beginning Naruto raised an eyebrow, not really wanting to deal with this at the moment. A smirk appeared on his face though, as he got an idea. The red-head grunted in surprise, seeing him walk away from her. Your just gonna leave me here now? I'm completely able to walk you shit head! She sighed, and started muttering things that sounded strangely like "dumb fuck blonds".

Naruto Fanfiction

The red-headed girl lay in silence, having no idea what to do now. Her cursed seal gave her extra healing powers, but they were no where near being done healing her legs She let out a low growl and let her head fall back against the tree she was lying on, and closed her eyes.

The girl's peace was soon disturbed though, as a loud voice next to her ear called out "Did ya miss me? The red head jumped into a sitting position and gasped somewhat loudly, her eyes wide. Cursing under her breath, she turned with a glare, towards the blond shinobi from earlier. Suddenly, her arms shot out towards the blond's neck, who must have anticipated some sort of retaliation from her, as she soon found out it was only a clone. The girl soon heard him laughing again, standing just out of her reach, as she became even more infuriated with this annoyance.

She narrowed her eyes and snarled before snapping back "Then why the fuck did you just suddenly leave, dumb ass. The girl like bashing her head against sometime, before growling out. The blond ignored it though, and tossed her the loaf of bread he'd brought with him, receiving a reply of "I'm not fucking hungry you shit head! The blond chuckled, causing the red head to grit her teeth, he then looked up to see her eying the bread suspiciously.

He sighed, and said "It's not poisoned yanno, here, look. She let out what sounded like a low growl and a sigh before grudgingly beginning to eat the bread, while muttering an "I hate you, ass hole" to the blond. The blond snorted, before sitting down on the log behind her, his back resting against her's, before muttering "Now then, I guess I should take you to a medic, don't ya think there red head?

Said red head was busy hiding her surprised blush, before attempting to grab the blond's neck again, only to find out it was another clone. She then punched the tree she was on while her face turned even more red, this time from anger. She looked up to find the focus of her anger laughing quietly in front of her, again.

She quickly finished what was left of the bread, before growling out.

She grabbed his hand, muttering a quick "Tayuya", before pulling him closer to her, her free hand attempting to grab his neck. Once again, she found that it was a clone The blond, who she now knew as Naruto, was once again sitting on the log. This time, about three feet in front of her. She cursed her legs as the blond spoke again, waving off her threat with his hand. Tayuya smirked, and laughed before replying. Naruto snorted, before saying.

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