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Community - Jeff proposes to Britta

This week on " Community " marked the one-year anniversary of the relationship between Troy and Britta. Only it's too bad neither of them remembered. It was also the three-year anniversary of Troy and Abed watching "Freaky Friday" together for the first time, and that one they remembered. They also recreated the central conceit of the film. As a coping mechanism for his relationship fears, Troy pretended - or did he? As a good friend, Abed played along - or was he? Jeff was with Troy, acting like Abed, where it finally came out that Troy wasn't feeling committed to the relationship anymore.

Keep reading. Log in Sign up. I don't get how some of the characters on Community and some Community fans make a big deal about the age difference between Jeff and Annie, but when Troy and Britta got together nobody batted an eyelid. There's a 12 year age difference between Jeff and Annie and there's a 9 year age difference between Troy and Britta.

Britta and Troy Troy and Britta Community the switch. Why did the writers put Troy and Britta together if they hate Troy and Britta together so much? I'm gonna need gifs AND from that couch scene with Jeff and Annie and all the googly eyes and smiles.

My ships had some great stuff in this episode! Also, person if you read this as well, I love you. At Least it was Here [pt 2]. That is SO clear, and quite frankly, sucks. I mean. Ask i-broke-abed-blog a question troy and britta troy abed ask troy and abed message troy and abed community. Time travel and body switching, always fucks everything up. More savecommunity Videos.

Community Duos: Troy & Britta trevorknappjones2. Why Troy and Britta getting together in season 4 made NO SENSE. START DATING NOW. i like to think. Maybe it has just been forever since I last watched community, but I've been really confused the last couple weeks as to when Troy and Britta started dating. Britta and troy dating - Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman. dating sites no long back-story, seeing and in the school had started dating. Troy?.

Uploaded in November And she tweeted him back. Community Troy and Britta. Afterwards, they both agree it was a mistake and decide to keep it a secret from the study group. At the end of the school year, Abed throws a keg party at his dorm, and Jeff makes an awkward pass at a clueless Britta.

Slater interrupts the moment, having made an attempt earlier that day to get back with Jeff. That night at the Transfer Dance formal, Slater and Britta compete for his affections. Desperate to win at the competition more than be with Jeff, it culminates with both women declaring their love for him. Instead of choosing between them, Jeff leaves the dance and ends up running into a third option.

Jeff deals with the fallout of the Tranny Dance events, which sees him being scorned by the female students at Greendale who believe Britta to be the victim of unrequited love.

Jeff starts a competition between them to bring the truth to light which sees them almost getting married thanks to Abed's interference. Although Jeff manages to win the contest, they nearly end up tearing the study group apart in the process.

Troy's birthday celebration at a bar leads to a drunk make out session between the two of them, but they quickly decide it was a mistake.

Abed, acting like Troy, went on an anniversary lunch date with Britta, proving he's the most committed friend of all time. He started the break-up. When Annie started dating Britta's ex-boyfriend Vaughn Miller, Jeff and Britta tried to split them up. They manipulated Troy into trying to hook up with Annie but. On Community's Season 4, episode 11, Troy and Abed pull a Freaky Friday switch so Troy can run from what he knows he has to do: break up.

Eventually, at the end of the school year, it's revealed to the study group by Abed that Britta and Jeff have been secretly sleeping together.

Although the group forgives them for keeping it a secret and gives them their blessing to continue, they both agree not to.

Jeff and Britta appear to have moved on romantically but still have a good friendship with each other.

On Halloween, Jeff tries to help Britta figure out which member of the study group could be a psychopath. When Pierce's father shows up, Britta warns Jeff about his issues with his own father which might be affecting him more than he thinks.

Jeff defends Britta when Mr. Rad berates her for ruining the school musical. When a recently engaged Shirley and Andre Bennett have a wedding rehearsal, a drunk Jeff and Britta try to get married themselves.

Later, Britta tries in vain to stop Jeff's ego from spiraling out of control. Jeff decides to see for himself what the big deal is about Britta's old boyfriend and makes a shocking discovery.

Pierce along with the study group is challenged to play a video game created at his deceased father's Cornelius Hawthorne request. In the game, Jeff and Britta team up in searching the village and on a blimp, shooting little Abeds at the second avatar of Cornelius.

After the study group learns how Ben Chang set them up to be expelled and had the real Dean Pelton replaced with Faux-bythe group concocts an elaborate plan to set things right.

'Community': Troy And Abed Switch Bodies For Troy And Britta's One-Year Anniversary (VIDEO)

As part of the plan, Jeff and Britta team up and infiltrate the school as Ricky Nightshade the rock and roll magician and his goth assistant respectively. They search a village house together and Britta makes a potion that kills Gilbert Lawson 's avatar.

They also team up with Hilda on a blimp shooting shooting little Abeds at the second avatar of Cornelius. At the start of their senior year at Greendale, Britta is now in a relationship with Troy " History ". wiki Troy_and_Britta. Eventually, he moved on and started dating Professor Slater. . At the start of their senior year at Greendale, Britta is now in a relationship with Troy ("History. But ultimately, "Basic Human Anatomy" was about Troy and Britta, and . when they actually started dating (Troy went to air conditioner repair.

During Thanksgiving, Britta decides to help Jeff deal with his father issues on Thanksgiving when after over twenty years he meets up with his estranged father. Although initially she was an unwanted presence at the reunion, Jeff later sincerely thanks her for motivating him to finally get some closure over his unresolved anger towards his dad.

Abed later reveals that Jeff and Britta met earlier before Greendale and provides a photo as proof. On his graduation day from Greendale, Jeff has anxieties about leaving his friends and Greendale behind. He discusses his concerns with Britta although he hides his own feelings by pretending it's the group who has problems with him leaving.

Britta reassures he needn't worry as everyone is looking forward to see him graduate but he still has some reservations. Jeff later thanks her for efforts and the two share a brief moment.

After graduating from Greendale, Britta reunites with Jeff and the study group to "save" their alma mater. Jeff ends up taking a teaching position at school while the rest of the group re-enrolls with Britta redetermined to get a degree in Psychology. When a campus wide game of "Hot Lava" is held in honor of a departing Troy, Britta reluctantly ends up participating. Britta and Jeff face off on in a office chair duel where she emerges the victor.

Not long afterwards, an app called MeowMeowBeenz is beta tested at Greendale.

Britta tries to rebel against the status ranking app. She tries to convince Jeff to help but he has a more personal vendetta against Shirley that takes precedent.

Sometime later, Duncan enlists Jeff help in trying to woo Britta. Although Jeff found himself suddenly attracted to Britta again he allowed Duncan to take his shot at her. When Jeff, Hickey and Shirley discover stolen textbooks they get Britta's help to try and fence it. Towards the end of the school year, Jeff has an unexpected proposal for Britta. We are poor friends.

And you mooch off us because you are too afraid to use your own support system. What kind of friend are you?

A Defence of Troy & Britta - Part 2: The Murder

InJeff and Britta started their sixth year at Greendale along with the remaining members of the Save Greendale Committee. A campus disaster occurred which the committee failed to prevent which necessitated the hiring of a consultant named Frankie Dart. Jeff, Britta and Annie initially rebelled against the new policies Frankie introduced but eventually welcomed her and the new head of I.

Elroy Patashnik to the committee. Individually Jeff and Britta were both dealing with personal issues; she was homeless and he seemed to be drinking more than usual. Britta soon found a temporary residence with Annie and Abed in their apartment but was furious to discover her parents George and Deb Perry made the arrangement. She confronted Jeff about this who revealed that her friends have been in cahoots with her parents to help her for years now.

When a cyber terrorist threatens the school, Britta convinced Jeff and the rest of the committee not to not give into his demands. Together Jeff and Britta starred in a low budget sci-fi film directed by Abed.

At the end of the year Elroy, Abed and Annie left Greendale to pursue opportunities out of state over the summer break.

Troy and britta start dating

When the time came for Annie and Abed to leave Jeff dropped them off at the airport and said his goodbyes. He later headed to The Vatican bar Britta worked at and joined her alongside what was left of the committee for a drink.

Dan Harmon initially based this relationship, as well as the story of Community itself, on his real life experience of going back to community college in order to impress a girl he was dating at the time.

The couple was featured prominently in a lot of NBC 's promotional material and was to be the main pairing on the show.

At first, the differences in their personalities were emphasized; Britta was selfless, and Jeff was selfish. Reacting to feedback from critics and his own writing staff, he sought to change that aspect of their relationship. A noticeable change was made mid-season as her negative similarities with Jeff began to be emphasized more while her positive influence was phased out. A new dynamic was established which led to Britta being a partner-in-crime of Jeff's antics and an enabler of his bad behavior; this was highlighted in a number of episodes " Romantic Expressionism "," The Art of Discourse ", " Mixology Certification " and even commented on by Shirley in " Paradigms of Human Memory ".

As the series progressed, Harmon further tweaked the relationship between them. Harmon wanted to subvert the traditional " Will-They-Won't-They " sitcom elements and change viewers perception of romance on TV.

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