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Amica: Best Overall Car Insurance Company

Amica supports diversity initiatives internally and with our external vendor relationships. If you are a diverse supplier interested in working with Amica, please select this button and complete the requested information. This service is available to all Amica customers who have Towing and Labor Coverage. You can still use this service if you do not have the coverage, but you may be responsible for any expenses incurred. Information about our branch offices is available through our office directory.

They were still the opposite of helpful. I only found out after he was out for 3 days and felt justified in my refusal. She told me I would be responsible out of pocket for the rental car expenditures and anything over.

I work in insurance so I know ultimately how most of this works and knew that thing were out of whack by this point with Amica. I would have been treated much more fairly if I would have gone through Geico as the not at fault party. Instead Amica was treating me exactly as I feared Geico would have. They were treating me like I was not their insured and like I was at fault. So weird!!!! So at this point I have to ask Geico for help. They are the one on the hook for the payout so I let them know about the mechanic and ask them if they are going to give me the business on my out of pocket rental expense seeing as I did delay the repairs by at least 2 days for when the mechanic was out and then maybe some more since they were backed up.

Geico spent a lot of time and care helping me understand the subrogation process and who pays what. They told me the repair shop was ongoing to end up paying for the rental costs for those days I mentioned if it goes over the max they are required to pay by state law.

I felt so much better. Geico called the shop and my car amazingly was done by the estimated date which was weeks. I did all the work for them to get Geico to accept liability in order to not owe my deductible. I have a line of people trying to pick up their car so I just pay it. Amica admitted that it should have been paid either to me or the shop and they dropped the ball.

The eventually EFT me the money. They use the same shop and repairs and handling were reasonable. Then Amica came in and adjusted up my rate midterm with the excuse that my car is difficult to repair.

Get a free auto insurance quote to discover Amica's coverage and discount options. Great customer service at a rate you can rely on. Repeatedly topping the lists for best auto insurance, Amica Mutual is . Headquartered within Hartford Connecticut, it currently employs over. In terms of price, Amica's auto insurance policies are usually a bit more expensive than budget providers such as Geico. However, the increase in cost might be.

They were held to the terms of their policy, they had to allow me certain parts and certified Audi repairs but they fought me at every chance. Hi Lesli. I started insuring with Amica in and accepted their consistently higher prices in return for what was definitely better service and courteous, personal service.

But Amica seems to be slipping - for example they treated me like a completely new customer when moving from one state to another, requiring a credit report - even though I pay by bank transfer.

They failed to collect premiums on one of our rental properties, with a mailed threat of policy termination rather than a phone call; they put the wrong address on forms for landlords policies; and new matters have gone without a response, requiring a call to re-state the original request, among others.

Currently I am in a discussion with John, a manager of theirs who claims Amica "never received" a form I returned in to obtain an alarm system discount - the manager tried to breeze past my concern about credit for prior years and I have a sinking feeling that despite Amica's recent mistakes, they will claim it was mine. I really want to remain a customer of Amica, there is still a lot they do right.

Let's see how they resolve the current matter, I will report back here. And lesson learned: Hi Robert.

Customer Service

They found one accident where my insurance company found I was not at fault. A comprehensive claim from an accident with a deer.

They told me that due to these two, I was higher risk. The rates they quoted higher and limited property damage coverage and medical as well. I don't see much to like about this insurance company. I was looking at moving my cars and house over. I can't imagine the hassle if I actually had a claim. No thank you! The representative called and addressed my concern and fixed the problem. Very helpful. It is sad that them problem I called about will require I call annually to correct.

There was a day when I thought your customer service was excellent however these days the customer service and response time from your supervisors is sinful. She does not return the calls of customers with excellent ratings and long tenure.

Your management has changed and no longer values their customers. A car insured by Amica Mutual hit my car as they did not stop at the stop sign. It was the other driver's fault. I contacted Amica mutual and opened a claim. They came in and estimated the car as total loss. I talked over the phone to discuss the amount they are offering and the agent advised me to collect proof of all the work I have done in the past 12 months and to do a survey of all the similar cars in the market.

I spent over 6 hours to prepare all the documents. The survey of nearby cars took a long time as I had to put together a description of each car I find along with the price and a link to the page.

They really have no respect for my time and efforts. On the top of that, the agent did not inform me regarding the date I need to return the rental car. I found out later that I am past due and I had to pay out of my pocket. I just hired an attorney to take care of this as the stress they added to my life is unbearable.

I would never recommend them to anybody. Really really terrible customer service. Hi Imad. If I could give them no stars, I would! I was told they were going to go after the other driver's insurance and get a refund for the money paid out to fix the damage on my car.

A week later they totally switched side and went in favor of the man who was swerving in and out of lanes and rammed into the front of my car.

I was totally liable even though I was in the lane I was supposed to be and he couldn't decide where the heck he wanted to go. They even told me that even if the guy was intoxicated that I would've still been liable.

He probably was drunk and they still won't let me appeal it. Now, this jerk decided to go after my insurance for a quick payout and Amica keeps giving him more and more money!

Amica auto insurance ct

The guy had NO damage to his car in the first place, now he's pocketing my insurance money and Amica is happily giving him the money. Oh, and his claim has been closed for weeks but they just keep sending him checks!

Please do not look into Amica no matter how cheap they are. Pay the money and go with a company that will have your back. I'm VERY disappointed in this company, I've been a customer for 3 years and I will absolutely not be renewing with them anymore!

Hi Breanna. Terrible follow-up. Premiums are astronomical. I wish they were as good as they wish they were. Hi Darren. Please send an email to socialmedia amica. Don't believe the "we're 1 in customer service" hype.

See Amica's quotes, + reviews from real users, and discounts. Amica auto insurance offers special benefits to its customers at no additional cost. Should I be adding my 19yr old daughter to my auto insurance? .. honors affects insurance), i live in ct (ive herd the state affects insurance). Amica Mutual Insurance, founded in in Providence, RI, is the oldest mutual insurer Amica is a direct writer of personal insurance with auto, homeowners.

After spending hours on the phone, working through false statements by their agents like a false claim I'd get a 3 year auto policy tenure credit, when another agent later said I won'tI was ready to give them the business. Then, at the very last minute before my house closing, they claimed I had pets I don't and wouldn't issue the policy.

Amica Insurance Commercial

I almost lost my new home. I tried to offer a sworn affidavit that I don't have pets, or some other way to resolve it, but they wouldn't budge.

It probably started off with some innocent lost in translation problem, but their bone-headedness afterwards was inexcusable, particularly for a company that thinks so highly of themselves regarding service. I will encourage everyone I can to avoid Amica.

After additional review of your account, we recognize there was a misunderstanding and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We thank you for your patience during this matter and welcome you to contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

I had read on several sites that Amica was considered top rated for homeowners or renters insurance. I called to get a quote. The person on the phone, Tracy she refused to give me her last name for obvious reasons after you read thiswas beyond unfriendly and the entire time acted like I was putting her out for asking for a quote. I said, "How can you deny us? They would never be in business if they denied every person with a past claim. Good luck getting and keeping customers with yahoos like that on your staff.

Thanks Amica, for the glorious education in just how much your company has ZERO integrity in all realms. Hi Kerry. I first came to Amica due to recommendations from Clark Howard's website. Anyways, life was good until the term renewal came along. Just like another reviewer here, Mike, I had the same exact experience. HALF of what I was promised.

I have maintained an excellent driving record along with my wife and paid all my bills on time to maintain good credit. I didn't have ANY claims. Bottom line - they will price gouge you. I am furious and will find other options. Hi James. My wife is now 5 hours into the event and it is not nearly over. She had a blowout and it took two hours for the truck to come. Amica said they would have it towed to Pep Boys who would fix it.

The truck left her there and my wife has been on the phone for quite a while. The third person at Amica, a supervisor, is trying to find someplace open at midnight now and will have it towed there. If not they will tow it to someplace that will be open tomorrow and pay for a hotel tonight. Which we do appreciate as otherwise she would have to sleep in the car at the repair shop until 7: There seems to be some training problems.

One person did not know that the shop would be closed and another did not know how to handle the situation next. It took a manager to get it sorted out We will still have to wait two hours for a tow truck to know how it works out tonight.

This is my first call to Amica and I have to say that I'm not impressed. Let's see how the rest of the night goes. Hi Mike.

This is not the experience we want you to have. Reading the reviews before I purchased renters insurance was a red flag. But I went with Amica because I looked up top rated renters insurance and Amica came up. I had a recent burglary claim, someone came out recorded a statement, my adjuster keeps giving me the runaround, now they want me to meet with their attorney to get drilled under oath, doesn't seem normal Hi Andrew.

We apologize that you are unsatisfied with your claims experience thus far. Please send an email with your contact information so we may further review the matter.

I was told Amica would jack up my prices after year one. Submit Cancel. For Roadside Assistance: For Product Information, Quotes and Sales: Auto, Home, Marine and Personal Umbrella: Amica Mutual Insurance Company.

Access our Branch Office Locations Directory. Find an Office Information about our branch offices is available through our office directory. Please enter a properly formatted United States zip code.

Enter ZIP Code: Go OR Select a State: District of Columbia. New Hampshire. It is consistently rated as one of the safest cities in all of the United States with a population overpeople.

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut and has over 1, acres of public park space. In addition to its fascinating parks like Pleasure Beach and Seaside Park, almost every neighborhood in the city has its own pocket park for residents to enjoy. If you know where to look you can find cheap car insurance in Stratford.

Any driver with a good driving record should be able to find low rates with Progressive and State Farm. Stratford is a city rich in history and surrounding natural beauty.

Most of the drivers in Waterbury are paying more than the average premium price. Waterbury is a really neat city clustered with 25 neighborhoods.

Clusters of shops at the street corners created villages within the city. Essex is home to some of the lowest quotes in the state of Connecticut. The city attracts thousands of tourists and visitors throughout the year. A year-old can find the cheapest quotes with Progressive, Amica, and Liberty Mutual.

Auto, home, marine or personal umbrella liability insurance. Life, health, disability or long-term care insurance and retirement products. Billing. Password. You'll find an Amica Insurance office in Glastonbury. Glastonbury, CT From full, comprehensive home, life and auto insurance policies to a specific. Managers withholding information - I have Amica Auto/Home Insurance. I have recently filed a Jay of Prospect, CT Verified Reviewer. Original review: Jan.

Norwalk, Connecticut was settled in and incorporated 11 years later in with approximately 5, residents. Today, there are nearly 89, and the 6th largest city in the state. If you want to get cheap auto insurance then get quotes from Progressive and Liberty Mutual. A year old can get the cheapest quotes with Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Amica. Danbury is named after Danbury in Essex, England.

It was incorporated as town in with approximately 1, residents. Today, Danbury has a population of 80, If you want to go cheaper then get quotes from Amica, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. A year old can get inexpensive quotes with Amica, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. Incorporated as a city inNew Britain saw its industrial identity defined in the late 19th century when Frederick Stanley incorporated The Stanley Works.

Soon followed by Corbin Locks and other major manufacturers. Start with Progressive, Amica, and Liberty Mutual. A year old can get low quotes with Progressive, Amica, and Liberty Mutual. Milford was settled in with a few residents. Today there are 51, people is part of the NY-NJ metropolitan area.

Drivers in Middletown can get cheap car insurance by getting quotes from Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Amica. A year old can get the least expensive quotes with Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Amica. Middletown was incorporated as a town under its original Indian name Mattabeseck in The city was named Middletown in The first European settlers in this area were Puritans, and they had frequent skirmishes with the Native Americans.

To find an inexpensive premium then get quotes from Progressive, Amica, and Liberty Mutual.

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