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Amica auto insurance near me have loved

Amica Auto insurance

If you want insurance policies with built-in perks that you can bundle together for a discount, give Amica a look. Amica offers the standard menu of auto insurance coverage, though its policies come with some attractive built-in perks, including:. With Platinum Choice Auto, you may be able to choose one or all of the following to add to your policy for a cost:. Compare car insurance. The company offers standard home insurance coverage, as well as some unconventional upgrades.

Managers withholding information - I have Amica Auto/Home Insurance. 8 years and turn around and drop me for using your road side assistant without prior. reviews of Amica Mutual Insurance Company "Amica home insurance was incredibly helpful and responsive in evaluating and paying our claim for water. Amica auto insurance offers special benefits to its customers at no additional cost . Car Insurance Coverage. Colorado · Florida · Iowa · Maine · Michigan.

This is the most extensive coverage that Amica auto insurance offers. The options bundled here can be bought separately as well. This coverage includes Full Glass Coverage, plus these coverage additions: Good driving earns you Advantage Points, which you can use to lower or eliminate the potential increase in premium after an accident.

Amica Auto Insurance

Alternatively, you can use points to reduce or completely remove the deductible. Points are earned by good driving, renewing policies, and by referring others to Amica. Rental Car Coverage — If you are renting a vehicle for a vacation or a move, the rental car company will offer you auto insurance.

The best solution is to call Amica and see if you need to purchase extra coverage for a rental vehicle. Identity Fraud Monitoring — This option is there to prevent the misuse of your personal information and to help you in case your identity gets stolen.

Amica Mutual Insurance, founded in in Providence, RI, is the oldest mutual insurer Amica is a direct writer of personal insurance with auto, homeowners. This Amica review includes customer satisfaction ratings, consumer complaint Amica's auto insurance includes several free perks most insurers don't, such as free lock and airbag replacement. A loss assessment plan, which covers community property near your home. . Text me the mobile app. Contact Us by Email Contact Us by Telephone Mailing Addresses Find an Office. Useful Resources. Auto Safety Tips · Life Insurance Needs Calculator.

Amica insurance shines when it comes to customer service. The Amica insurance claims reviews through companies like J. Power are quite positive. In fact, Amica holds 4. Even in J.

The score per 60 customer reviews is 2 stars out of 5—however, this should not worry an average customer since none of the companies we tested scored well in customer reviews. This is simply because people are more likely to leave a review like this online if the experience was overwhelmingly negative. A few unsatisfied customers are inevitable for a company of its size; however, this should not distract you from the fact that Amica treats its customers well.

The average is 1, while competitors like Geico and Progressive scored 0. The lower the score, the fewer complaints the company receives.

There are many complaints on how Amica insurance claims were handled and how customers got their premium increased for no obvious reason. On the other hand, many people praised the claims handling and quote processing. Amica even scores better than the competition on websites like Yelp, where most insurance companies get abysmal reviews. The company has 2. We were pleased to see the Amica car insurance reviews confirming how the company offers so many discounts that significantly reduce premiums—although none of the discounts are particularly unique.

Nevertheless, given that the prices offered by Amica are low to start, these discounts come as a great bonus.

The more time you spend with the company, the higher the discount will be. Claim-Free Discount — If you had no claims other than glass or towing for the past three years, you can get a discount. Home Ownership — If you own a home, you can save on your car insurance. The house does not have to be insured with Amica.

Family Discount — If you are younger than 30 and your parents have had auto insurance with Amica for more than 5 years, you can get a discount. Paid in Full — If you pay the entire premium before the due date of your first bill, you will get a discount. AutoPay — If you select the automatic payment of your premium, you can get a discount.

E-discounts — If you decide to handle all the policy documents and bills electronically, you will receive a discount on your Amica auto insurance. Anti-theft — This discount applies if your vehicle is equipped with an approved anti-theft device. Electronic Stability — If your vehicle is equipped with an electronic stability control feature, a discount is available. This discount tends to be higher for pickups. Passive Restraint — A discount is available if the insured vehicle is equipped with safety devices such as airbags.

Forward-Collision Warning — If the insured vehicle is equipped with a collision avoidance system, you will qualify for a discount. Student Away at School — An interesting addition noted in some reviews on Amica insurancethis discount applies if a teen driver on a policy is studying more than miles away from home without a car. Defensive Driver Training — You may also be eligible for a discount after completing an approved defensive driving course.

Driver Training — This discount is for young drivers who have completed an approved driver training course.

Auto Insurance Overview

Good Student Discount — Full-time college and high school students aged 15 to 25 years that meet specific criteria, like having a GPA of 3. An Amica auto insurance rate comparison shows that the company offers very competitive prices while still not being among the cheapest options available.

Progressive and Geico beat Amica when it comes to low premiums; however, Amica scores better overall when other insurance metrics are concerned. The premium was especially good for the year-old and year-old drivers.

Amica Insurance Commercial

However, even though the Amica auto insurance quote was best for these two, we would also advise younger drivers check Amica out, since the company offers many discounts and a great car insurance experience overall. Amica is simply a better choice than Allstate when all parameters are analyzed. It has better prices for all but year-old drivers the difference in this case is minimalsignificantly better customer service, and a much higher number of discounts.

However, the overall picture is quite clear: Amica has significantly better prices than State Farm in all three of the groups we requested a quote for.

Furthermore, Amica has much better customer service scores compared to State Farm. Additionally, Amica beats State Farm when it comes to discounts offered, while the companies are equal when their optional coverage is compared.

Amica auto insurance near me

All this data seems to entail that Amica Mutual is clearly a better choice. And we strongly agree. The company is not rated among the best in all Amica auto insurance reviews for no reason. It really is that good. Travelers has significantly better prices for younger drivers, while Amica offers better prices for older drivers, per our data. The prices for middle-aged drivers are almost the same.

Given that Amica is the champion in the customer service department, it comes as no surprise that it ranks better than Travelers, which is average in this category. However, Travelers provides some of the best options for new car owners.

We can see why some specific driver categories would choose Travelers, but we still think that Amica is a slightly better choice overall. Choosing an alternative to Amica usually means making a certain compromise. You can get better prices with Progressive and Geico; however, Amica car insurance scores better in the customer service department.

Auto, home, marine or personal umbrella liability insurance. Life, health, disability or long-term care insurance and retirement products. Billing. Password. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is one of the oldest auto insurers in the United States. This company has continuously received customer. Check out this review on Amica Auto Insurance to find out more. insurance shopping rankings for , being ranked near the top in both categories. . policies, from quote to renewal—making me a real insurance guru.

Auto Owners insurance also has excellent customer service; however, we were unable to confirm prices with this company as well. Mortgagee Inquiries. Auto, home, marine or personal umbrella liability claim. Life or disability claim. Life and retirement products. Small business insurance. Employment opportunities. A business-to-business inquiry.

Technical issue with our website. Certified minority-owned business Certified minority-owned business Amica supports diversity initiatives internally and with our external vendor relationships. A media inquiry.

Submit Cancel. For Roadside Assistance: For Product Information, Quotes and Sales: Auto, Home, Marine and Personal Umbrella: Amica Mutual Insurance Company. Access our Branch Office Locations Directory.

Find an Office Information about our branch offices is available through our office directory. Please enter a properly formatted United States zip code.

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