The 8 Best Cities For Dating Singles Over 40

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The top 5 dating mistakes women over 40 make -- STEVE HARVEY

What are the attributes that make a city female-friendly? Ample outdoor spaces, well-paying jobs, healthy food, single guys, a great cupcake shop or three, a non-creepy sex toy store to name a few. We poured over lists and statistics and crunched the data-then compiled this quick list of U. Why it's great for women: Yes, climbing all those hills practically guarantees a killer butt, but San Francisco also rated No. San Francisco also rated 10th in a Gallup-Healthways poll of fittest cities, has the second lowest obesity rate in the country, and boasts one of the easiest urban areas to escape to when you tire of the trolleys: Mount Tamalpais State Park, which has 6, acres of wild grasslands, chaparral, redwoods, and wildflowers only 20 miles north of the city.

Best cities for dating over 40

Oh, and the other key is that you stop choosing these awful men. Rachel, you gotta fix your picker, sister. And know how fabulous you are.

See which towns in America have the highest rates of singles over And those are just the ones using online dating! I think it's only fair to assume that these guys are walking around and going places. The best any of those women could ever string together was barely a sentence, . The question is do they want to date women over 40 and/or are they socially, emotionally, and?. Minneapolis, MN.

Did you have the same kind of treatment in your distant pass maybe? Stick with me here or find another expert who can help you move forward. Hi Bobbi, I think your list to be interesting and wanted to tell you that men have lists too, when looking for a serious relationship. Overall, I think you hit the nail on the head by stating your search-preference.

If you are looking for a sophisticated, well mannered, confident, and successful men, these are not the criteria that will lead you to this goal. They are too pivoted towards material possessions and prestige. If you think one person has to lose and the other person has to win, well, good luck with that mindset. The list is not anywhere complete. It is an excerpt and priorities vary.

However, you can see by this little example that the priorities are quite different. Which set is more suitable for a long term relationship is up to you to decide I, for example, made my choice. Thing is that there is no way to quickly find these guys. We have to dig and do our own discovery.

But the truth is that the majority of women want a man who is at least a certain height.

The 12 Best Cities For Singles

Not unlike most men like thin or average weight women. And wanting a man who makes a decent living - which is what 75k in LA isjust decent - is nothing to apologize for.

You list of what matters in a relationship is right on. In fact, I want all my women to read it and I plan on featuring it for them. But you DO have to have a good profile and pictures. Here are a bunch of articles about online dating. OD works, but you do have to put the work in first. You just have to know how to express her to men. Hugs, Bp. Hi Robin, i feel the same way, im 45 apparently not compatible with nobody, i try to have a good conversation and the start asking for pictures, and senseless conversations, feel they shopping, im not bad looking but not on sale, i be alone for the rest of my life.

At least weight is something that can be changed with a bit of hard work. Just learn how women see men. I hope you take some time to read more here - with an open mind.

You see older men have no gripes with dating taller or shorter women. Beautiful people even more because other people are more willing to take care of their stuff, saving them time. And that almost certainly means they are not going to be faithful, but women rarely are, just turning a blind eye makes a long term relationship easy.

Be ready for a divorce.

I totally agree with Stephen. You are reinforcing the stereotype that shorter man are less desirable. Wanna hear my advice on online dating? It sucks.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Apartment List compiled our list of the best cities for dating, using survey data from over. We looked through three different analytical reports on which cities offer the best nightlife and access to unattached people to create a list of the the places in the. Some cities might encourage dating by offering plentiful nightlife options Best Cities for Singles 40, Virginia Beach, VA, , 39, 27,

It sucks for men, it sucks for women. It sucks for younger people and it sucks for older people. Not for same reasons, mind you, but online dating does in indeed SUCK! Ride a bicycle, watch a movie, go to a museum or take stroll around a lake or park. Do it with friends if you are lucky enought to have them or if not then just do it by yourself.

And as you are doing things in your life meet people. Talk to them, smile at them, wave to them and just be friendly. But at least your getting out of the house and meeting people.

Over 50 Dating: Are There Really Any Good Single Men Over 50 Left?

As a forty-ish man I tried the online dating route fo a couple of years and it was an emotionally draining and soul crushing waste of time. It was the process.

A process that is a nice idea in theory, but in practice is fundementally flawed with a disconnect between what the expectations are between what men and women use online dating for. Get out and do something. Get a life, live a life and share a live with others. I agree with this: Get out and do something. Get a life, live a life and share with others.

The rest, not so much. Millions and millions of people find love online. I did. Hundreds of women I support and know did. Hey, I did it this way for years and years. It absolutely sucked. I wish you the best in your search. Too many men out there are looking to date females their daughters ageand that is a royal turn off. Or they are way too self centered, arrogant and brag. The men that pursue me seem to be very attracted to me but more often than not, I am not attracted to them.

I love men so I am just waiting for a mature minded, intelligent and loving man to appear on the scene. Hi, Jem, I love that you love men!

They are fabulous. In fact, statistics show that the vast majority of men marry within 5 years of their age. These articles may be of help. Hi Bobbi, I am 44, a divorced woman with 2 tweens at home. Hi Chelsea! Here are a couple articles, and if you are interested in talking about how I can support you personally, send me an email at bobbip datelikeagrownup.

You are so not alone, btw!

YES, A man that over seven thousand women took a look at and walked away from without a second thought. Out of that insane number I went out with only 4 women, ONE TIME, and I was even willing to give those a shot at redemption even though they were all late, poorly dressed, snotty, and crass about the male oppression of a first date. The best any of those women could ever string together was barely a sentence, so much for great communication huh?.

I replied to EVERY note, regardless of what the woman looked liked, their age, education or social status. Very few were were even mildly appealing, but I gave them all a chance anyway. We left, we are tired of the abuse, the feminism, the entitlement, and the insults!

Hi Troy. Yes, they have the same stories of horrid online dating experiences. There was probably something missing or, more likely, something there that was turning good women off. What may be equally true is that after some bad experiences you became jaded, hurt and pissed off.

So maybe your compassion for the women you were in contact with was less than stellar. I KNOW for a fact that there are countless fabulous people online looking for love.

I hope you can take a deep breath and consider some of what I said. The fact is that you can be more in charge of your experience.

Just like every woman here, I SO want to see you find a wonderful partner who loves and adores you. Start thinking of how else you can approach this challenge.

We poured over lists and statistics and crunched the data-then compiled this quick list of U.S. Meet a dude-it's been ranked as the third best city for dating. These Are the Best (and Worst) Cities for Dating in was Austin, Texas where 40% of people seem satisfied with the dating scene. Dating over 40 can feel tricky. But if you want to know the best places to meet men IRL (and stay off the apps), try these fun ways to find love.

There are other ways that work! Oh, and Troy, a friendly warning: I suggest you keep our feminism out of the discussion until you can have a meaningful exchange of ideas about it. People interpret that word in many ways and it is very highly charged. I understand that our independence and other masculine behaviors in this day and age can be very confusing to men. But trust me, if you want to piss any woman off, attack the very thing that allowed us to have political power, have careers and plan ie control our own lives.

Sending you positive thoughts, Bp. He is hurt. He is disappointed. You know the feeling. Just please do this before you shoot back some nasty comment. Now, if you read it that way and still want to be nasty, go for it! Hey Troy what state do you live in?? You seem like a great catch. I myself have been divorced for 9yrs and still at the dating game. Wish we could connect, one never knows how one could meet theirlast first date.!

Sadly, Troy is right on. All I can say is the same thing I say to women who are very overweight, or in their 70s, or one of the many other things that many men seem not to like: there are still plenty like millions! Thanks for your comment. We appreciate you being here! I had an absolute ball!!!! A man needs a woman in his group, because believe or not girls we love to communicate with somebody who knows where we are coming from i.

I can say times that the men-want-younger-women belief is a myth, but it helps so much to hear it from you. Women over 50 ARE spectacular when we let ourselves just enjoy men and have fun. Thank you! Please keep sharing with us! Wanna know why older guys go for younger girls? Matching schedules with younger people is easier. I think there are more available men than many women think. Not to sound mean, but I have met a lot of women who always say they are so lonely, but they have such high expectations that no man would be able to live up to it.

Many of us are not great talkers when it comes to women, and women will pass those guys by all the time.

Dating Satisfaction (40%): We looked at how satisfied renters are with Dating Affordability (20%): How could we quantify the best city for. But dating is also a numbers game, so a state with a higher To see how your zip code affects your chances of finding love, check out WalletHub's Best & Worst Cities for Singles report. 18, New Jersey, , 8, 40, San Francisco, CA.

So, what she said about lowering standards makes sense. What about the rest of him? Believe me, men get so sick and tired of that trait women do have. Nor do we see what good it really does you. One thing is, a decent amount of single men that are around 40 or so may not want to get married for awhile. Could be divorced or whatever. I could say more but this is only a comment, so I will stop here. This post is great!

Thanks for sharing. But most of the guys they are interesting on me, they are not on my age range, or they not take well themselves, even not intellect is the same. Most of man on my age has the same profile as mine, they not show any interesting on me. Even if I start flirty, What do not know what to do it, to at least get one just one person, with the same profile I have be interesting on me.

I took the hint and got on TInder. My pool was younger but also very casual. I really have no clue what you are talking about. Also,I strongly suggest after you get a great profile that you write to the men who interest you. Keep learning how you can help yourself. I work with women every day who are meeting really nice men online. Just like I did. You seem a little like a 6 or 7 yourself Are you giving this advice to women who may be over-reaching? Maybe not taking care of themselves as well as they should like you?

Settling does not seem like the answer to me. Hi JH, I agree, that does sound icky. As you put it. That is your narrow-minded jump to judgment; not my advice. I counsel women to be kind and have open hearts. Wishing the best for you in the love department. The real issues are: a. Of course they do! Hi Suzanne, Thanks for your comment. I believed it for a long time too. And ultimately, you only need ONE.

Write him. With the exception of when they want kids, of course. With love, Bp. From my sitdowns, the common denominator is that women would rather be alone than settle, Women write that down, they post it on the Internet, and they tell it to me personally: sorry, no settling. Where are the Good Single Men over 40? Within only 20 miles of my house there are over of these guys. Lighten up on your requirements.

Look up. Listen, but not too much. Get your flirt on. Twirl your hair. To make the cut, a city had to have at least 25 ratings no matter what the responses were.

Charlotte, North Carolina took the number two spot, while San Francisco rounded out the top three. Meanwhile, the worst city to try and date in right now according to the data is Palm Bay, Florida followed by New Haven, Connecticutand then Providence, Rhode Island. These are the cities that made the top 10 best and worst lists. Beyond the hard and fast overall rankings, ApartmentList also narrowed the picks according to select demographics.

For example, Minneapolis actually earned the highest marks as a dating city from folks with a college degree, while Nashville was the top city for those without a degree.

Also, men favored Charlotte overall while Austin was the number one pick for women. Then again, if you live in a city that's allegedly great for single people and the dating scene is still falling short, it may be time to point a finger at your career. Joe McGauley is a senior writer for

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