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How Health Insurance Works

Health insurance is unlike any other insurance you buy: Even after you pay premiums, there are complicated, continuing costs. If you have life insurance , you pay your premiums and your beneficiary receives the payout. With auto insurance, you pay your premiums and sometimes a deductible for repairs after an accident, then insurance pays for the rest. But with health insurance , you pay premiums, a deductible, and then most of the time you keep paying each time you go to the doctor, pharmacist or hospital.

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Beagle Street - 'Life Insurance Reborn'

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Get quotes regularly. Your rates should go down over time as your car or truck depreciates and your driving record improves. If not, negotiate a lower rate, or get quotes from other companies. Compare quotes accurately. Rates can vary greatly depending on the level of coverage offered. When comparing rates, make sure that the insurance offered is equivalent.

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