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TOP 10 Tips for CHEAPER Car Insurance - How to get Lower Auto Insurance Rates (2019-2020)

It's easy to make mistakes when it comes to your car insurance policy that can mean you pay more, invalidate your claim or even end up on the wrong side of the law. If you want to keep your premiums down and ensure you aren't breaking any rules, avoid these daft mistakes. Not telling your insurer about previous motoring or criminal convictions could invalidate your insurance. With harsher penalties now in force for speeding and using your phone behind the wheel you should make sure you don't fall foul of this costly car insurance mistake. The new rules mean that, if you're caught driving 31mph in a 20mph zone or use your phone while driving you can now have up to six points added to your licence as well as a hefty fine. Significantly, extra points on your licence can lead to more expensive insurance premiums.

Search The Web Search Aol. Car insurance soaring: Get a quote 28 days before renewal — and another the day before Quotes are often valid for 28 days. Shop around for the best quotes Competition is fiercest among car insurers for new customersso don't automatically renew. Broaden your search Aviva and Direct Line don't appear on any car insurance price comparison websites so you need to go direct to these insurance providers to compare quotes.

Ask your existing insurer to beat the best quote you've found It doesn't cost you anything to ask, and it's less hassle than switching. Increase your excess The higher the excess, the less you should pay in premiums.

Use this glossary of insurance definitions to better understand what each term means. These types of cars are covered by classic car insurance.

Declare whether you've made any claims If you haven't claimed on your car insurance for a year, you'll earn a no-claims bonus which can help to bring your premium down. Accurately assess the value of your car When getting quotes, make sure you don't overestimate the value of the car or you will end up paying a higher premium than you need to. Trim off any extras you don't need Why pay for 'free car hire' while your car is being fixed, if you don't need it?

Add a second driver If the additional driver won't actually use the car, this can bring the premiums down.

The Truth About Electric Car Insurance! Is It More Expensive???

Reduce your cover If you drive an old banger that's on its last legs, opt for third party cover rather than comprehensive cover. Avoid modifications Adding spoilers, alloy wheels or boosting the engine size is likely to increase your premium.

Buy online You usually pay less if you buy your car insurance on the internet, rather than over the phone. Park your car off-road or in a garage This means your car is less likely to be stolen, so is less risky to insure. Make the car more secure Adding an immobiliser, alarm and tracker to your car will also reduce the risk of it being stolen, and bring down your premiums.

Spend less on hire car insurance Get car hire excess insurance and reduce your excess that way, rather than buying an expensive add-on from a car hire firm. Get a multi-car discount Some insurers such as Admiral, Privilege and Direct Line will give you a discount if the same person insures more than one car.

Consider a 'pay as you drive' scheme Some firms, such as Stoneacrefit a special device to your car so the insurer knows how much you drive it. Buy a dashcam Dashcams film your journeys while you're out on the road, capturing the action should you or anyone else on the road get into an accident. Impose a mileage limit on yourself You can lower your premium by sticking to a mileage limit.

Downgrade your car Cheaper cars with smaller engines cost less to insure. Rare, expensive cars cost more!

Get married Married drivers pay less as they are statistically seen as more 'stable'. Move in with your partner Again, those in a stable relationship are seen as less risky drivers, and pay less. Price new: Up Next. Discover More Like This. Tags car insurance driving insurance News.

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Cheap Car Insurance is committed to finding you an affordable auto insurance policy. Compare cheap car insurance quotes and coverage for the best car. Browse our collection of car insurance information for news stories, slideshows, opinion pieces and related videos posted on It's easy to make mistakes when it comes to your car insurance policy that can mean you pay more, invalidate your claim or even end up on the.

Judge due to reconsider LGBT school protest ban in near future. What the papers say — June 1. In addition, every car insurance brand that can quote on our site is audited on a regular basis. Compare The Market said: If we discover any discrepancies, this is promptly addressed.

Everyone Gets an 'F' in Car Insurance 101

GoCompare said it carried out a series of checks, including verification by its insurance partners, adding: We'll be reviewing our processes to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:.

Sedans and Compact Cars: Compact cars and sedans are also typically some of the cheapest vehicles to insure on the U.S. market. The AOL list of least. Car insurance premiums are back on the increase following a period of falls as vehicle repairs become more costly, according to an index. Motorists are facing the fastest year-on-year rise in car insurance since records began five years ago. The average premiums have gone up by.

Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. recently gave drivers a simple multiple choice test to see how much people know about their car insurance policies. AOL MyLifeProtected, which is a part of your AOL plan at no additional cost, offers exclusive discounts to AOL members on auto, home and pet insurance: Save up to 15% on auto insurance through MetLife Auto & Home®1—customers have an average savings of $ per year. Price comparison sites seen by millions of consumers include a "high amount" of errors on car insurance policies, a consumer group has.

When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Sport Cars: Insurers have packages specifically designed for sports carsbut they do not come cheap. The statistics are against you with a sports car.

Aol car insurance

Drivers tend to flaunt their vehicles, leading to aggressive and dangerous driving. High performance cars are magnets for car thieves and burglars. Few sports cars have good gas mileage. None are designed with safety in mind.

In other words, prepare to spend more for sports car insurance than any type of auto coverage. Motorcycle insurance is a different animal.

Car insurance costs record first spike since early 2017, says AA

What qualifies as a street legal motorcycle can differ from state to state, and people tend to drive motorcycles only in the warmer seasons. This low driving time gives motorcycles low insurance costs as well. But keep in mind the additional factors: Bike insurance depends more on training classes and riding experience than other vehicle types, and when accidents occur they tend to be very dangerous for the rider.

Insurance companies may exclude certain personal injury protection benefits for motorcycles. RVs, like motorcycles, are in a slightly different class than other vehicles.

Standard auto insurance still applies, but insurance tends to cost more because many drivers prefer to add specialty coverage unique to RVs, like personal content and campsite liability coverage.


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