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Favours belairdirect car insurance quebec throw

Car Insurance in Canada - This Will Save You $$$

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Confused Review. I have been with Belair for about 3 years. Walking back to my truck after my son's soccer game this week, I noticed someone had taken out my sideview mirror Toyota Tundra truck. On Monday I called Belair, they gave me a claim number, told me where to take my truck they would forward my information and away we go. Now it gets weird. None and I mean none of what they were saying made sense!

This was a minute phone call that bordered on harassment! I will tell this story to everyone I know as this goes well beyond the lines of bizarre! Cherry 7 Jazz Review.

Car Insurance in Canada - This Will Save You $$$

I was originally concerned because they were one of the better-priced insurance companies we found, so my concern is that I would potentially experience poor customer service - but not at all. We have had to do a window chip claim which was quick and easy.

Then when someone else dented the side of our car, we had to go into a body shop. Even though I had to deal with a claims agent, repair shop, and a car rental company, it felt like dealing with just one company. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, respectful, and effective at their job. The coordination of the insurance company with their partnered businesses is amazing and left me stress-free through the process.

We also had an instance where we wanted to understand the transfer of insurance to a rental car when we were going on vacation. The rep we spoke with was extremely helpful and clear. They were able to process our request and update the information for us promptly so we had what we needed in time for our trip. Bob Review. My car insurance rates virtually doubled in the two years I have had my current car.

No claims, no accidents, no changes to my policy. Phoned to discuss and they admitted that they had gone up a lot but hoped they would level off in the next few years. When calling for updates any service agent that answers are able to call up my file and answer my questions immediately.

No being put on hold and listening to annoying music. Never buy insurance from Belairdirect, because it is a cheat conman company. This company is not trustable at all.

I did answer all questions online, and I got a quote; and then upon phoning, the conman increased the quote. When I asked why, she gave me a reason that was not true.

I challenged, and then she would not answer my question. The reps are conmen, and they are fully trained in how to fool prospective customers.

Never buy insurance from Belairdirect. This is a cheat and conman company. John Doe Review. This was with an adjuster from the St. Laurent location. The other party was at fault, but they still took 2 weeks to get a rental. I had to follow up almost every day, they told me they had to wait for a call back from someone from the police station.

To top it off, they let me know about the rental on a Friday afternoon. I went in on Saturday to pick up the rental and it turns out I needed to take a credit card with me because Belair didn't call ahead for me.

Zack Review. I do NOT recommend Belair under any circumstances. No one wants to deal with insurance companies more than they need to. Wasting hours on the phone isn't fun.

I applied for home and auto insurance two months before my previous policy expired. I was told that they, (Belairdirect) in order to start the process of setting up. With belairdirect, getting the right amount of coverage for your car is easier than Step one for getting car insurance in Quebec is getting Civil Liability coverage. Getting the right auto insurance coverage is easy. belairdirect Has the Right Car Insurance Coverage for all Ontario Drivers . We offer car and home insurance in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.

Belair sent me an email after one year of coverage, reasonably priced, saying that my new term would come up soon. I had to log into to see the changes. My car is a Chevy This is bad business. I gave them a chance to explain and they put me on hold and wasted more of my time before giving me a response that had nothing to do with me. Other people's claims caused my rate to go up. Don't get involved with this company, it practices bad business.

Aaron Review. Someone hit my brother's car, Belairdirect wanted him to fix at their recommended body shop. The body shop has taken almost 5 months to fix it. Still not done yet. New to Belairdirect, 15 years with a previous insurance provider, great driving record, no claims, rates creeping up each year, this year huge increase.

Decided to shop around, Belairdirect quote online was quick and easy, surprised the actual premium is very close to the online quote. Great customer service, Agent on the phone was knowledgeable and processed auto and home with one call.

In that honeymoon period, but so far I recommend Belairdirect to anyone looking to save! It was my first experience having to deal with an insurance claim and the process was fairly convenient. However, since many people are like me, first-time accidents, it would be better to break things down further for the likes of us and assure we are given the information that reduces the stress of having to deal with this unwanted incident.

The reason for mentioning this is because at first call, I was told I don't have a rental coverage for my car and I was panicking to get a car and get on with my life, and later when the claim was processed I was told that my rental has been arranged by my insurance because I wasn't at fault which was a big relief. In summary, I would have expected to have this information first hand. Misled Review. Belair will give you a quote, looks reasonable, then all of a sudden changes the quoted price which is much more money when the customer had already signed up for one-year insurance.

Why don't they check everything with regards to customer's background? Of course, they will not do it, they want the customer's money. It's like the customer being pawned and for that, the customer has to suffer and keep paying until the contract expires. These insurance companies have so much greed that they only think of their bottom line. Paging Better Business Bureau!

Can you please look into the corrupt practices of these insurance companies. Stewie Review. Experience with Belair has been excellent. I've been with them for about 10 years and had three not-at-faults during that time. In each case, they have been great. They need to tighten up on their approved body shops, however. My last experience was rather negative compared to the first two. The body shop took an immediate appraisal then delayed taking the car in for 3 weeks. It then took more than 4 weeks to repair the car while they "waited for parts to arrive" - they had three weeks to pre-order and didn't.

The repair shop was also a bit shy in updating me. Only when I gave them an ultimatum that I couldn't pick up the car for another week if they delayed again because I would be overseas, did they finally get their act together and deliver.

The final job appears to have been done to a good standard, from outer inspection. The car was cleaned inside and out nicely. The itemized bill had a few head-scratchers on it that Belair should look more closely at as they review the suitability of their repair partners. Bottom line: Belair is very good as an insurer but if you're unlucky enough to need their services, choose your repair shop wisely because it makes the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Matt Review. GrumpyVeteran Review. Their premiums are much too high; and, if you run into an issue, they claim they cannot help you at all!

My husband got into a serious accident non-auto and money was tight. Instead of delaying the payment, they made it bounce so they could then come after you for the full annual amount!

They are not as good as they claim to be! Dave Review. I have been with Belairdirect insurance for several years without any claims. This is outrageous and I will be removing all my business from Belair. Gord S Review.

You can also compare quotes from 30+ car insurance providers in just 3 minutes two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec, before it expanded its service delivery For many years, Belairdirect Car Insurance has focused on innovative . If you have any questions about belairdirect's insurance products or wish to have a car or home insurance quote, here's how to contact us by email or by phone. Quebec QC G2K 0H5 View map for Quebec City branch How much insurance do I need? What is a deductible? How can I save on car insurance? Get the answers to all of your questions on car insurance here!.

I've been driving in excessive of 55 years and have had several insurance companies but for quality, informing the customer and customer service they are the best.

Their employees are very well informed and treat me like I'm the most important person. All around excellent service for a recent claim.

Fast, efficient resolution. Pleasant staff. Everyone can complain about insurance rates overall. Belairdirect is competitively priced. James T K Review. Been with Belair for 5 years. The insurance was handled by Intact, who is the underwriter for Belairdirect.

Finally, I intervened and got that settled because they wanted to sue the towing company while my truck was in their compound and not at the dealer getting fixed, which could take weeks in the court system. Do you overpay? Get an Alberta car insurance quote to start saving. Scraped a wall with my husband's truck three months ago, made our first claim ever with BelairDirect. Brought the vehicle to the preferred shop for BelairDirect to be repaired.

We were advised by the preferred shop that even though one tire was damaged as a result of the accident, we should replace all four due to possible safety and mechanical issues due to uneven tire wear. We were skeptical, contacted the dealership, where we purchased the vehicle, they voiced the same safety concern.

Three months later BelairDirect Insurance is still refusing to compensate us for anything for these tires.

We would have accepted a lower amount due to some wear and tear on the existing tires approx. Joel Review. I have had good experiences with BelairDirect in the past when I got into my first accident.

Recently, however, my opinion of them changed drastically. The bank had stated there were no blocks etc on my account.

Funny enough I have other pre-authorized payments come out of the same account. I call Belair Direct back to confirm that the bank found nothing wrong with my account. In the end, BelairDirect decided to cancel my policy even though I had updated my information with them. Here is where it gets stranger. With the crash proof policy, I was under the assumption that it would not affect my insurance in any way.

Was so very wrong. I was screwed over at least twice. Even though I had facts on my side, no one wanted to listen. Avoid BelairDirect like the plague. Not happy with car insurance reviews for your insurance company?

Get a quote across up to 20 Canadian car insurers and make sure that you do not pay too much. Katie Review. The worst mistake you can make is to sign up with BelairDirect. Their customer service is the worst that I've ever experienced. They refused to let me speak to a manager. They neglected to respond to any of my emails or phone calls.

Their representatives were rude, condescending, and unhelpful. I just got out of my policy with them and it's the best feeling imaginable! Rosie Review. If I could give a zero, I would! These people are a scam. Whatever they tell you on the first call is different on the second one. In the end, you're gonna pay even more than what you're supposed to!

Even their automerit app is not good. I am using TD insurance now and the app they let you use is more fair than automerit. Is your insurance rate higher?

Get a free car insurance quote and start saving today. Took a little long, but everything worked out fine at the end.

Belairdirect car insurance quebec

Rental car experience was excellent. Peevedoff Review. BMW was stolen, had cancelled insurance but it was still valid till the end of the month and they refused to pay up! Jermaine Review. It was dealt with, but the experience was bad. They made dealing with this somewhat of a hassle. Why should I beg to get help? They really gave me no assurance. Kaychic Review. Canadian Direct sold out to Belair - never had a claim or violation over 50 years. Belair more than doubled the premium.

Without your approval, they try to go into your credit check - no reason for the check but no one ever authorized. This company is from HELL. Justin Review. Awful company. Avoid at all costs and talk to real insurance brokers. Belair has terrible customer service who will not even call you when you request to dispute a claim.

Rather they would just drop you and anyone living at the same address. Save money and a headache dealing with their customer service and find a real insurance company. On a Saturday of May of this year, my vehicle was hit by someone who ran a stop sign. I immediately called to report the issue but because it was outside of regular hours, I was unable to connect with anyone until Monday morning.

When I did finally speak to a representative, they quickly made arrangements to get me a rental car and referred me to their preferred auto body shop. Over the last two months, I have been driving a rental car. My car has not yet been returned to me and is still in pieces at the body shop. I am extremely disappointed with both the service I have received from Belairdirect and the claims advisor assigned to my claim and Beliardirect's preferred auto body shop, Kingston limestone auto body.

When I took my car in, I was told it would take 15 days to repair once the quote was approved. When I got the quote, I had questions, so I reached out to my claims advisor. I provided multiple forms of contact information and expressed that I did not have access to my personal phone during regular office hours requesting I be contacted at work or by email.

My claims advisor refused to contact me any other way than with my personal number and called specifically when I advised them I would be unable to answer. My emails were replied to with phone messages where I was given incorrect information on a number of occasions. I spent countless hours speaking to other claims representatives trying to connect with my claims advisor and having to explain each time what was going on to someone new who had little understanding of the situation.

Even the auto body shop commented that the hurdles that were being put up were ridiculous with Belairdirect declining to complete repairs directly related to the accident that was required to put my car safely back on the road. After a month of back and forth, the auto body shop started the work. Again I was told it would be 15 days until it was completed. I can provide countless other examples of poor customer service throughout this experience, suffice to say I have zero positive feedback to provide about Belairdirect or Limestone auto body.

If you are looking for insurance, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. I feel like I matter Review. I recently had a car accident, my first one in 35 years of driving. I was nervous that I would get the runaround, but the experience was awesome!

I was contacted quickly and was kept informed about the claim. I had heard horror stories about the body shops used by insurance companies, but this one Bellaire uses - Assured Collision in Ajax was great - quick, friendly, and did a great job!

I am so pleased with the whole experience. It's not often these days when customer service means something good. Kudos to Bellaire and Assured for their great customer service. Much appreciated to feel like you matter. Bank made a mistake and accidentally NSFed my payment. Gave Belair a letter from bank acknowledging the error and that the payment was made.

Week 3 of the saga and they are still refusing to credit the missed payment to my account and demanding double payment to resume coverage. One portion of this double payment is for the month already paid as documented by my bank who owned up to their mistake. They are demanding to be paid twice for the same month already paid and accounted for. Someone explain why I am expected to pay twice when it was my bank that messed up and not me?

Thank god this happened on my renewal month so I can give them the biggest farewell that they have ever received. Lousy service! No accountability!

Run as fast and as far away as you can from these slimy crooks! Dave55 Review. I have been lied to and very badly treated by Belairdirect. I hope no one will ever go through the drama and trauma I have suffered with them. I have gone with TD insurance now and had knowledge on what a poor insurance company Belairdirect also known as Intact is!

Bigguy Review. I am done with these idiots sorry for my language. They are nothing but time wasters.

Ok, no hard feelings. I tried the following years again and we never got back together. Still cheaper but I do not like to be screwed around.

Living in Brampton, ON is already punishment enough from these insurance thieves. Pissed Pam Review. So I'm in BC, my rate was 45 a month. No explanation of why on renewal. Calling customer support is fruitless. Oh, rates have gone up across the board.

I had this insurance since last October I'm 75 years old, English is my second language. I asked for a full coverage car insurance and they took advantage. Looking for car insurance in Quebec? Whether you're in Montreal or Quebec, belairdirect has you covered. Get a free auto insurance quote now!. Get free car and home insurance quotes online with belairdirect and see how quick online insurance quote process, for your home and your car insurance. We offer car and home insurance in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.

I ask specifically why and they tell me it is proprietary. Best excuse ever I say what are the factors? Run around, they say, maybe the car is expensive to fix matrixmaybe it is my postal code. How about we try to increase your deductible to save you money? I went to ICBC, which is the most expensive, and their quote was for less.

Mind you, they were pleasant when telling me no info and they didn't have a long wait. Is this enough? Um no Pissed off driver Review. I spent two weeks trying to validate an address, and they STILL were unable to accept my documentation. Please tell me how MTO documentation stating my address is not sufficient proof of address? I have sent 5 different emails proving my address and their incompetent underwriters are so worried about a fraud that common sense has zero space within their brains.

It has gotten to the point now where my policy has reached its term, and I now have no insurance! These fools want to mail me a new application that will take 4 weeks to arrive Thanks a lot, Belair, you're a waste of space.

I sincerely hope that you go out of business. So I recently had an accident claim that wasn't even my fault and instead of calling me to discuss it, they send me a letter saying they won't renew my insurance, so guess I'll call instead to find out what's going on? Yeah, I'm disputing the accident now and have to wait for some lazy rep to call me back. I wouldn't bother with this terrible company and find something better than this garbage insurance.

I want to personally thank Belairdirect policyholders that took the time and effort to let Canadians know about how terrible the insurance company staff treats their customers. I personally have an auto insurance claim that is waiting for their approval.

Since submitting my claim information, I have been lied to and have received rude behaviour. I am cancelling all my policies later this year including boat, home, quad, and 3 autos. And to make matters worse, the repair shop that is supposed to honour a lifetime Rely Network warranty on its historic repair is trying to avoid fixing poor repair work.

I would avoid Carstar and Belairdirect. Just a reminder that it's the staff of the company that represents the name of the business.

Canadians work hard enough for their money, why should we continue to lose? I encourage to take your business with a 5-star rating, not a 1 star. Haifa Review. So I'm going to be frank here, hoping someone would learn from my experience.

I signed up after shopping around, and they offered the best price, so I'll give them that, they offered a great deal! Annually I got quoted forsince I paid the entire amount, I actually paid ! Now here is when the trouble starts. He included a loyalty discount because I was with my previous company for 3 years. April 10 2 April 13, I get a call with the following: Both documents provided. I wasn't even aware that my policy was changed or updated.

Jun 4 I get a new ownership, provide it to Belair, and started talking about new policy. I decided to cancel. Only at that point did customer service decide to get everything resolved. I talked to her for good 3 hours, and I got nowhere!


So, on April 17, they sent me "We were trying to reach you", and they reached me, but apparently it was a different department who reached me, customer service vs agent, and I was supposed to still call Belairdirect even though they were able to call me and request the letter of experience which was provided.

They also sent me an email requesting to be contacted on Apr 17, and I responded to their agent. The agent failed to check and see that they need to inform me about the backdating. So from April 17 - May 22 there was no contact, and I was under the assumption that I'm payingand not aware they increased my policy because my mom co-owner was included in my policy, and they decided to increase the price without communication.

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