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Time car insurance jakarta half the world

Car 3i Networks hari menabung nasional 31 okt oleh Presiden Jokowi

Overview The insurer indemnifies the insured against the loss of or damage to the insured motor vehicles caused by:. Any cause during crossing by ferry. Damage to the tires, when it caused damage to the vehicle due to an accident. Reasonable expenses incurred, such as towing expense due to accident, max 0. Comprehensive Comprehensive Policy covers the loss of or damage to the motor vehicle by:

Joined Jul 17, Messages 2, I had a Mazda sedan, and a couple of Kijangs one of which we still own. I was comfortable, but also careful and constantly alert, more so as time went on.

Immediate negotiations to determine the amount of the traffic violation "fine" is a routine part of driving in Indonesia. I was rear-ended by an Indonesian driver unable to stop when approaching a day-light rush hour slow down on the toll. A great amount of rubber was burned off his tires punctuated by startlingly loud squealing that ended with a mild jolt.

Motor vehicle insurance cover loss or damage to vehicle and/or insurable interest directly caused by collision, malicious act, theft, and fire. Provide a guarantee against losses if the insured vehicle suffered a total loss, as a in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi for non-accident via Chubb Auto. This insurance covers loss of and or damage to Motor Vehicle and or interest insured directly caused by: or reduce loss or damage, but shall not exceed % (half percent) of Sum Insured of the Motor Vehicle. Jakarta Indonesia.

We both got out to look and finding no visible damage, just waved, got back in the cars and continued on. The second time, I rear ended a guy rubbernecking an earlier accident on the toll apron.

It was a rainy night and he was almost stopped in the fast lane. There was damage, but not so much that my car was disabled. I did not hang around to negotiate; traffic was sparse and it turned out that my Mazda was considerably faster than his Corolla. My insurance paid for my bumper repair. The switch between left and right hand drive is no big deal Same when returning to the USA after a few years; reversing also requires deliberate attention for a week or so. We have used drivers at times; these days, relatives are usually at hand to drive and my wife does a lot of the driving, as well.

Still, I have no qualms about taking the wheel. Since we are based in the USA now, and my Indonesian SIM is expired, I will not be driving during our upcoming visit unless there is a compelling need.

Motor Vehicle Insurance. Covers your motor vehicles against loss or damages. Overview The insurer indemnifies the insured against the loss of or damage to. Car insurance Indonesia forum. Find answers to your questions in the Indonesia forum. Blogs, pictures, forum Indonesia on Insurance is critical to reduce the financial impacts of those risks that could occur at any given time. Photocopy / scan STNK (Indonesian Vehicle Registration Certificate) * The aforesaid documents are general requirements, some insurance companies may require different documents.

Nasigan said: CaturMuka Member Charter Member. Joined Aug 6, Messages I drive both a car and scooter in Denpasar, Bali.

I feel comfortable, but it takes about a month of practice to get to that stage. Never had a problem. I keep all my documents up-to-date and because of my pale skin I'm pretty well covered up.

I don't look like a tourist fresh off the plane. Just follow the law and you'll be fine. Had a school kid ride into the back of the car because he wasn't paying attention.

He looked like he was in a fair amount of pain but when I pulled over he just kept going, so that was the end of it. Indo auto insurance is very different in terms of liability. I bumped mine up to juta, which I think might have been the upper limit, but I'm not sure. See example attached to this post My general advice is to get used to the flow and character of the traffic on a scooter first and then try driving a car. Then when you are driving a car, just take it easy.

Pretend you're driving in a river of molasses.


The upside of having a lot of traffic is that you rarely build up a lot of speed, so any accident you do have is not likely to be serious. Parking is a pain in the arse, but somehow it always seems to work out. Also, I don't feel the same paranoia about getting blamed for accidents not matter who was a fault because I speak Indonesian well enough to defend myself in an argument.

Joined Jul 13, Messages 2, You can't "zone out" like you would in western highways. CaturMuka said: See example attached to this post View attachment Joined Jul 19, Messages 2, I drive a scooter all around Bandar Lampung.

Wife doesn't drive so she is the back end navigator. I find a scooter gets me everywhere faster but admit that I have incorporated some of the Indonesian driving style while still maintaining my defensive driving approach to it. I do a lot of quick thinking to be always ready for what may take place ahead and have a reaction in mind. Our traffic jams mean you get a slow mess of cars with motors maneuvering all around them.

After maybe 2 or 3 minutes you're back moving again. Not a big deal to me. I try not to spend too much time on the high way since it is very full of truck traffic to and from the port and those drivers really don't seem to care to much if you are in a car or on a motor.

Plus the high way is always in need of repair because of it's heavy traffic so you are constantly in danger of coming up on a new large hole. The police stopped me once. Had all papers and license in order and since then, every traffic stop they form I have just been waved through.

In Indonesia, vehicle insurance is not mandatory except for vehicles licenced to carry public passengers, and commercial trucks. There is, however, di. Information on the range of insurance products available in Indonesia. household insurance, personal liability insurance and -, car/motor vehicle (third party Since the May riots in Jakarta, there is an increased awareness of the need. How does Indonesian auto insurance work? . I use driver in Cikarang (only, not including weekends unless it is long trip to Jakarta or Bogor).

If I am ever stopped and I think I am being held responsible for something or am being shook down for cash, I have a family contact on my phone that is in a position to make government employees smile at me and shine up my SIM before wishing me a nice day.

From time to time we get a taxi.

There is no Bluebird, uber, or go-car here and no meters. We found that the rates are about the same as Jakarta for distance but here you just cover that distance a lot faster. We have maintained the same taxi driver for 3 years now. If we are expecting a lot of rain, having to carry bulky or heavy things, or have a longer trip down the bad condition highway, we call him. We are thinking that perhaps we will purchase an older Katana or PU for around 30 juta but that would be primarily for a restore project for me spending perhaps an additional 10 juta.

Plus we would have a car to use if we needed. Getting used to moving to the other side of the road was never a problem. Going back was always the problem.

Above applies to Badar Lampung. No where, no how would I ever drive in Jakarta. Always rent car and driver when we go there or have family cars and drivers.

The most interesting crash I had was when one of those ancient Kijang trucks drove into the back of my Blazer, sadly it was quite terminal for the rust bucket, it disintegrated, my Blazer with its Steel Treadplate, slightly bent, suddenly what was an empty road filled with what seem s of people, I thought I'm in deep shite her, but with my pidgin Indonesian, the appointed head of the meeting femmes I wasn't at fault and the Kijang driver should pay me ,rp, which he did, we all shock hands and off I went leaving the pile of rust, I felt sorry for the driver so I went back to return the money but he had gone leaving a lonely pile of rust.

Expats and Driving in Indonesia

I had a mishap a Lebak Bulus bus station avoiding a bus I inadvertently stoved some blokes door in, he wanted ,rp as we were discussing this a chap crept up to me and said we can beat him up if you like, the other driver heard this a quickly drove off, I didn't want anyone beaten up and had finished talking to the other driver After my company and wife banned me from driving because I hit 4 motor bikes in 2 days, not my fault, we employed a driver, for some reason everytime someone overtook he would shout abuse at them, the final straw was at a toll gate someone overtook, he was so enraged he got out the car to attack the driver, I had to restrain him, he had to go, life on the roads her is always interesting, 18 years driving here, great fun, if you really want fun try Saudi Arabia, if you can drive there you can drive anywhere.

Wow, that's the kind of stuff that really concerns me. As tragic as it was, I'm glad to hear it wasn't worse by implicating you. I send my Indonesian director to the police station and he was going there every day for the next 5 days. I don't remember to mutch how mutch I pay but it was around 50 million I think, this was 14 years ago! That evening when my director came home with this police request I will never forget, it was like a blow in my face, I was feeling disgusted.

I think my driver was not guilty but anyway we did everything we could to come to a peaceful arrangement with all the involved partys still the police was smelling money and wanted more. I was not personally implicated in this accident but even with a driver you can get big trouble when he have a deadly accident.

On this day she was driving. Suddenly a scooter smashed into their car. The male driver was drunk, and had neither license nor helmet.

He was rushed to hospital, she was arrested, even though she was clearly in the right. But, she had a foreigner in the car. The more he found, the more they wanted. The family of the, by now, dead man refused to sign her release papers until they had their money. Once he had died the amount shot up. Up until last night it stood at 80 million plus solicitors fees.

This is the worst corruption you'll find, and to make it worse, she is pregnant. So think twice before you drive, as a foreigner you cannot win. Lantern New Member. Joined Sep 10, Messages 9. If you have a short fuse then perhaps consider letting someone else do the driving. There are too many provocations for someone prone to road rage. DzulnSiti Active Member. Joined Aug 25, Messages Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Users who viewed this discussion Total: Follow Us.

Latest Expat Indo Articles. Fair and peaceful campaigning? Dave70 Today at 1: In the News. Suggestions for building a house Latest: Edward Today at 1: General Chat. Mobile App Payment Systems Latest: Money matters, Banking and Investments. Need wasn't suggesting anything to do with the law, more the ability to get your cash back in the event of an accident. Other claims require I pay the first Rp, OK, Fred In my "colonial English" when one says, "you need" to do something, requirement is implied.

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Car insurance jakarta

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