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Saga car insurance administration fee wishes

Saga Insurance

Been with them for years, so i thought best check all the Declaration, vehicle and insured details are correct. No doubt at some point they sent me something telling me in with previous letters, but they need to tell me where and when. I've not noticed it on insurance, but have seen a similar thing in other goods and services where you get a quoted price, then at the point of paying there's a breakdown of where the money goes. Am I correct to assume you haven't yet renewed with Saga, you've just received your renewal notice? Lot's of companies nowadays are charging fee's for almost everything, because a lot of the companies you deal with aren't actually providing your insurance, they're acting as 'a middle man' intermediary in financial terms and therefore they make their money from premium commissions and fees.

The City regulator is already clamping down on both add-on sales and excessive charges for replacement vehicle hire in the case of no-fault accidents, and last week said it had told price comparison websites to be clearer about the terms of policies as well as prices. It also proposed that personal injury lawyers should be subject to more restrictions to reduce insurance premiums. Get alerts on UK financial regulation when a new story is published.

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Saga Insurance

Are you taking about the cogs that make these companies turn I. E the people on the end of the phone, or the people at the top of the food chain?! Well, to get to the top, the minnows that want to too have to demonstrate on a QED basis that they hold the same value set.

So its unavoidable, where the organisational purpose is so set by those above and so many of these organisations are set-up just to extract money and, really the industrial sector context is irrelevant. IMHO, this should be taught in every school as part of the careers syllabus to enable people to make refined career choices.

Hell might well ice-up before that happens, of course. Some might say would sell her grandmother for a packet of sherbet dabs if her mother hadn't done it before her.

Saga car insurance administration fee

As your depth of ignorance about so may of the topics about which you post, I would suggest that you ponder the truth of that saying before starting typing. You clearly have no idea how industry, and in particular the financial sector, operates or is regulated, and insist on posting these ludicrous conspiracy theory tirades, with no recourse to facts and with a strange 's fantasy left-wing "rich boys vs.

Perhaps you could let us have a list of all of these motor insurance companies that have no stock market listing and are funded by lots of "Black" private equity - whatever that may be.

And if you think that Insurance companies make any profits, let alone excess profits, from Motor Insurance, you are sadly mistaken and reveal your further ignorance of the topic. I refused to pay this charge, so the price was lowered by this amount, so the charge would still show on Thier paperwork. I have seen other dealers applying an administration fee, so why not charge them the same when applying your signature to the sales documentation?

The ?10 admin fee is only applicable if you actually renew with them, .. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner, basic car insurance is made an. Premiums for car insurance continue to fall but insurers are recouping and Saga had increased “policy alteration” fees by more than half. Find out how to choose a car insurance policy without incurring charges such as cancellation fees, cooling off cancellation fees and renewal fees. Direct and Saga both charge a ?20 renewal fee, and Swinton charges ?

My Breitling Watch was insured with them, Saga On the House Insurance, named Item I recieved a letter saying my watch was only insured when I was wearing it, if I took it off to wash my hands watch not insured.

If I was mugged and they wanted my watch I had to tell them to cut my arm off so I could claim for my watch. Without me even saying it is too high she says 'lets see what we can do to reduce it', i said actually i was calling to increase the annual mileage. So a happy oldie 15 Years NC on this policy still even though the cheeky barstewards tried it on again and probably i could have had the cover a few quid cheaper it is actually dead easy with them and paid quarterly without any interest charge.

I could get cheaper but not with as good cover and customer services, or quarterly payment by DD.

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Saga Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions, Motor Vehicle Insurance Do I have to pay an administration fee when making a change to my policy?.

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Car insurance: add-ons, fees and charges

So the answer i got on the phone was. They have always charged but it was all in together and now needs to be Separate.

When I sold my car I cancelled my insurance policy but was charged ?50 admin fee. Do you have a question about Saga Car Insurance? Here are some questions we are frequently asked about our car insurance. Why choose Saga Select? We search a Using your NCD for more than one vehicle An administration charge will be applied of ?12 for insurance cover.

Changes in rules by the FSA. The Call Handler believes the AA already do this and others will have to follow. If it doesn't change what you expected to pay I'm not particularly bothered by it.

Which? outlines the additional fees and charges that car insurance the various add-ons available and see which insurers charge the most in admin fees. Recently had to cancel a motor insurance policy with SAGA. Was hit with an ?50 cancellation fee. Thought this was extortionate and thought I. A couple obtained an online quote from Saga for an electric car they Saga then tried to charge a ?50 cancellation fee for the insurance you.

Posted 30 January, edited. And why should they? At the end of the day, the total price is what you pay - how it is arrived at is irrelevant. LOL Older people out there.

The Policy is very good value but the Renewal Charge looked like they were at it to me. You will not be Scottish i take it. Many a mickle maks a muckle. Edited 30 January, by GoneOffskiroottoot. Posted 18 February, BUT- as some brokers have found, "trying it on" has led to loyal customers moving around.

Posted 19 February,

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