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Originally posted by henrycavillz. Request: Reader is dating Clark but Bruce has a small crush on the reader also. One day he decides to flirt with which causes Clark to get jealous and show lots of P. The love they had was unbreakable; they cared for one another deeply, so when a certain Batman decided to flirt with her, it went right over her head. She knew Bruce had some feelings for her but they both knew that there was no chance of them ever being together. There was nothing today, no mission, no world ending event that needed to be stopped. Her round glasses perched on the top of her nose and her hair unleashed from the messy bun she usually had it in.
I do Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent imagines.? "Clark, come cuddle, I don't feel good."? He's not fucking superman, is that why you are leaving me?". A/N: Iím not a dude, or specifically a gay dude, so I hope this is accurate.? Kara introducing you to Clark, and you being in awe the first time that you meet him.? Beliefs (Billy Hargrove x Reader) [Butterflies Part 2]. Dating Clark Kent would include dceu-arrowverse-imagines: " Him always being worried about you. Him being protective of you. Him trying.

He grabbed your head and began to thrust his hips. You opened your mouth wider. His long cock goes much deeper down your throat and he held your head. He starts to cum down your throat, you did struggle to swallow all his cum. Your eyes get watery, he cums again down your throat. Then he takes out his cock and starts to jerk off.

Some cum is on your lips and he starts to cum again this time on your face. He helped you stand up. You and Clark get back in the shower, he helped you clean your face. You and Clark clean each other. After the shower, you and Clark lay in bed naked and fell asleep together.

Dating Clark Kent would include Clark picking you up from work when ever and not being surprised at all when he reveals he's Superman. Jealousy of a Superman Clark Kent x Reader Request: Reader is dating Request: Reader is dating Clark but Bruce has a small crush on the reader also. In the background she could hear grunts of fighting, when she. Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include. (Btw I am using the Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne, y'all). Not being entirely sure as to how it all even happened.

Originally posted by irisandtheflash. Barry sent a tired smile your way. When you turned to focus on the drink you smirked. I bet a lot of people are relying on you to do good in your line of work. Hi, everyone! Please also reblog to spread the word, if you can; my next reader might be one of your followers!

Originally posted by your-superfriend. That seemed to trigger Clark. Using his flight Clark flew in the direction of the villian and used his super strength to punch the villian in the face which sent him flying backwards.

Wasting no time Clark flew forwards and jumped onto the man. More then you could ever imagine. While Clark is being watched by the batfam, M!

Originally posted by superrouth.

Originally posted by indianajcnes. They are in a library where there is a lot of magic books good and evil. Clark noticed an opened book and he starts to read it in his mind.

Clark starts to read it out. While Bruce and Clark are helping John and Zatanna, you are saving the city. You are half half-Kryptonian but you are from earth 19 but moved to prime earth. You kiss them and helped them take off their suits. They tell you what happened.

You are in a polyamorous relationship with Clark and Bruce. You and Clark live in the mansion with Bruce, everyone is in love with each other. You are half-Kryptonian and you could get bruises and you will get tired. The spell completely worked. How did this even happen!? Clark left to distract the others.

You and Bruce go to the library to find anything on magic spells for body swap reverse. Then you and Bruce go to the master bedroom to try to think about what to do or how to get a magic book. You called, that you knew who uses magic but no luck. You lie on the bed and Bruce is sitting on the chair.

See, thatís what the app is perfect for.

Bruce starts to stroke his cock then you sat up, noticed him stocking his cock. You get up and walked towards him and you get down on your knees. You take out his cock and you opened your mouth and start to suck his cock. Bruce starts to moan and he starts to push your head down. He pushed your head down, even more, you start to gag.

He moans louder and he takes off his shirt. Then he helped you take off your shirt. You take out your cock and start to jerk off. Your hand around his cock starts to move faster and he looks down at you. You sucked on his balls then you move your tongue around his cock.

You got on the bed and you take off your pants and underwear. Bruce did the same, he got on the bed and he gets on top of you. And he starts to kiss you and you have your arms around his body. Bruce starts to kiss your chest and he starts to go down. He starts to move his wide tongue all over your cock then he starts to suck your cock. You start to make your hips and your cock is going in deeper in his mouth. You grabbed his hair and thrust your hips. He stopped and wrapped his hand around your cock.

He starts to give you a handjob while kissing your chest. He made you turned around and he grabbed your ass hard. You feel his tongue and you start to moan. He starts to move his tongue faster and deeper. You moaned his name loud. He grabbed the lube from the nightstand, he pours lube on his cock. You get on your hands and knees. You feel his wide cock go inside you and you grabbed the sheets hard.

Bruce began to thrust fast and hard, the bed starts to move. He starts to push his cock even deeper, you place your face on the pillow. The pillow muffled your moans.

He pushed you down hard then he pinned your wrists on your back. He is holding your wrists very hard. His balls are hitting your hard. Now Clark is on top of you, his hard wide cock is going in and out harder.

Bruce starts to bite your neck and chest then starts to leave huge hickeys on your body. Then he pinned your wrists above your head. He starts to choke you. He choked you again. Next, you start to ride his cock fast. You rocked your hips and his hands are on your ass. You start to moan then you start to kiss his neck. He squeezed your ass very hard and his hard cock is deeper inside you. You and Bruce stare at each other. Again he starts to bite your neck and leave mark on your body.

Bruce starts to stroke your cock and you moan his name. You closed your eyes moaned louder. You start to cum and it landed on your chest. You are breathing hard and Bruce starts to cum inside you. Then he starts to leave lazy kisses on your lips and jaw, then he cum again one more time. John did reverse the spell, the real Bruce noticed the bruises. But later you and Clark will make it up to him. Originally posted by batfamcreys. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Just Clark Male! Reader x Clark Kent. Requested by anonymous for domestic life with superman - fluffy Originally posted by renstrangel Living with Clark is almost precisely as you might think. Your heartbeat is his favorite sound. And his heart starts beating in time, every bit of him eager to be with you.

Show more notes. Dating Clark Kent would include Male reader. Originally posted by livenerdy You were always a little quiet and distant, even with the team that you trusted with your life, and who trusted you. Some of his cum start to drip out.

He takes out his cock, and you turned around. You followed Clark to the truck and he takes out a small puppy. You start to pet the puppy and the puppy sniff your hand. So what should we name him? You and Clark get in the truck with Krypto and went to the pet store.

A NEW M! Holy hell! However, I do have questions. Opting to just keep cleaning. A few days later, you were almost shot trying to stop a robbery. This was around the age when most people would be able to tell, being that small children are prone to rough-housing and clumsiness.

However, it was no desire of theirs for you to experience the first sensation in such a violently intense manner. Woooo more prompts! Originally posted by napoleonsolos. Originally posted by starspangledsteve. Originally posted by darrylbradshaw-blog. Requested by izadorablog. Part one. Did something happen at work?

He let out a deep sigh. But, I have to talk to you. Clark sat down beside you on the couch, but left some space between you. You shook it off, Clark was not the type to do something like that. I swear, it was so obvious, but no one seemed to notice you. It was no big deal to you. At first it had been weird talking to Superman but then you realized he was just a normal guy. A normal guy who had super powers and a normal guy who had asked you out after two month of flirting around with you.

Your cuddles and your kisses? I need attention. He opened his arms with a big smile and you cuddled up against him, burrying your face into his neck. No, this one was actually a copy that had once hung for many years at Wayne Tower in downtown Gotham.

It became even more perplexing when you realized that it was placed in a hallway that Bruce seemed to rarely walk down, quite possibly even finding alternate options to the route if he could.

Most people would have a painting of their long-deceased parents somewhere in a common area or even private one; just somewhere where they could always see them and smile at them, maybe even hold a conversation. Then again, Bruce was not most people, being a tall, stupid-rich, former-playboy who moonlighted as knuckle-baring vigilante in a bat suit.

Bruce stands in the doorway, a perplexed expression of confusion plastered upon his face. His brown eyes are squinted, and his brows are pulled together in one thick line of concentration; his eyes are trained on the two figures standing at the doorway, smiling and laughing with each other. One he can at least identify as Alfred. Up to now, Bruce has been standing at the corner, sipping on his coffee as he stares down the form of the girl at the door. Towering over Alfred the slightest in what he assumes to be high heels, and her hair, a deep shade of coffee brown, falls down her shoulders in big curls and ringlets.

The weather outside is misty and the sky is grey and wet-that would explain it. And from the way she stands with her back to door, light flowing in from behind her, her face is masked by darkness. Today, the lower half of his face is tainted darker from the light stubble blooming from his skin, as he scratches it absentmindedly. Who is she, Bruce wonders?

Who is this strange girl without a face, casually conversing with his butler? Why was she here? Bruce takes another sip of his coffee, eyes never leaving the duo at the door.

He then notices Alfred glancing back over his shoulder, catching the scrutinizing gaze of the dark-haired man. Alfred gestures for the girl to wait, and then makes his way over to his master leaning against the wall in his work attire. White pressed shirt. Black tie. Black slacks. Alfred smiles warmly, his grey eyes creasing behind the frames of his thick-rimmed glasses.

The grey-headed man casts a cursory glance over his shoulder, turning back to Bruce. She turns her head to them, and Alfred waves her over. She ambles towards the pair of men, smiling shyly, with her hands both crossed over each other. When she comes out of the curtain of darkness, Bruce can finally see her face. He was right: she is short. A pair of heeled copper boots are what add a few extra inches to her height, and her body is indeed clad in a burgundy trench-coat.

Superman vs Superman - Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Lele Pons

Beneath it peeps out what looks like a plaid shirt too big for her tucked into a black pleated skirt, and when his eyes travel up, he meets her smile. They rest on the young-girls gleaming expression; her lips are curled into a thin smile, her cheeks ingrained with dimples, and her brown eyes sparkle as she reaches out her hand. He reaches out anyway and shakes her hand, nodding along as the wheels in his mind begin to click. Of course, he reflects. How could he have forgotten? His eyebrows raise in realization then turns to Alfred.

She shrugged her shoulders. Why not pay him a visit? Bruce cut her off. He licks his lips, staring into her gaze. Brown on brown. Her eyes are doe like, almond shaped and laced with thick mascara while the rest of her face remains bare. Her skin is dotted with little freckles and scars. Nineteen, twenty two, twenty six. Whichever, Bruce stills sees her as a teenager-a toddler even, compared to his prehistoric self.

Small and shy. The young girl lets out a titter of joy, then shakes her head frantically. Me staying here? He turns to Bruce. After all, she will be staying in his house, eating his food. He should at least get to know her a bit. She forces a smile. He shakes his head.

Bruce is a big ol teddy bear.? He liked to grab you by your waist and pull you into his chest as he would lay on the couch his arms around you.? He loves to peck your lips, every chance he gets. Dating Clark Kent would include (Male reader). image. Originally posted by victimofaseriesofaccidents. *Requested*. You had no idea Clark was Superman?. Dating Clark Kent would include (Male reader) *Requested* You had no idea Clark was Superman when you started dating but you definitely.

I can believe that about him. Her voice is resonant, but not loud. Clear as ice, and captivating, reaching your ears in a warm embrace. Bruce nods, chuckling slightly, and his gaze over her shoulder to her luggage. He points past her. She quickly scrambles to bring her things in.

She drags them into the house by their wheels, leaving trails of water. She rests them, and bends to inspect whether or not the water has leaked through, tsking distastefully. She nods, and waves a hand dismissively.

Just a little drizzle on the outside. Just like her. She goes to pick her things up, but Bruce stops her. Again, the sound is infectious somehow, and Bruce joins in.

They reach the bedroom at the end of the hall. A large olive wood door stands as the threshold, and the dark-haired man opens it with his foot. It swings open, revealing the inside of the guestroom.

Dating superman would include

A nervous laugh escapes her, as she nods. She then looks up at him, and the timid demeanor is gone, now revealing her former self. She reaches out, and takes the suitcase from him. Part 2. Thanks for reading. Writer for Supernatural, X-men mainly quicksilverand now, DC :. The discussion of whether you and Bruce planned to start a family together was nonexistent.

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