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Fat the aetna health insurance company ratings penny

Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs - Consumer Reports

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I had Aetna before I retired 12 years ago. Now that I have Medicare Aetna is my secondary health insurance.

I am currently suffering from a major depression disorder. Let me tell you I would not wish this on anyone. I was hospitalized inpatient for 7 days at Lindner Center of Hope in Cincinnati.

I found myself "lost" when I came home. They did not have a magic pill or potion to make this depression, stress, loneliness, anxiety, darkness and gloom disappear of course. I was home on late on Nov 15th and my 1St therapy was scheduled for Dec She was and is my ROCK. The most compassionate person I have ever met. Without her I may ended up back at inpatient psych hospital or dead without her.

Hugs I will never forget how she gives me hope and light when I cannot see any. She is my cheerleader and support. My "Life saver". For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They are the worst insurance company I've ever had.

How does your clinical decision when a doctor sees the need for the test. But you have problem getting paid every month. Preventative maintenance items that are supposed to be covered mammogram not being covered.

Aetna is a longstanding health insurance company that provides a multitude of A few times the comparison tool failed, so we could not look at two plans side. Aetna claimed a high mark of this year in the annual consumer Best Health Insurance Company survey. Aetna had a decent showing in the new rating. Find the best Health Insurance company for you. Ratings Breakdown In addition to health insurance plans, Aetna also offers dental and vision insurance.

Went out of network so expected to pay the difference and Aetna won't pay a single dime. Went in-network the previous year and that was applied to deductible since the order had a medical diagnosis. I was owed my one screening for that year but no they won't cover anything.

The doctors and facilities in-network is minimal compared to Anthem. My next note is to our HR department requesting they start looking for other providers. I have a private Aetna HMO plan through my husband's employer that we have had for years!!! I have seen the same doctor for the past 8 yrs! Well all of a sudden they are telling me they cannot cover and prescriptions wrote by my physician because he is not a contacted provider with Medicaid!

They are saying if I want my meds covered I will have to find a new provider and have him listed on the excluded provider list! What crap!

Aetna health insurance company ratings

Aetna is the worst insurance company I have ever had and will be switching companies come the first of the year! Aetna is an absolute nightmare. A glitch in their system has caused me hundreds of hours spent fighting a claim.

Long story short, I updated my PCP on their website. A month later, I had a procedure done with my new PCP I had called beforehand to confirm it would be covered - Aetna said "yes".

Aetna is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States, with more than 35 subsidiary companies in addition to the primary. Find private health insurance ratings with NCQA. Ratings help you find the best Aetna Life Insurance Company (Massachusetts). MA, PPO/EPO, Yes. Aetna has very strong financial strength ratings. This is important for a health insurance company when it comes to being able to take care of.

Then, a few months later I get a bill for the entire service - Aetna explained that they denied my claim because I was not covered by that provider. I updated my PCP online, I told them. My insurance card had the name of the right PCP. This is ridiculous, I thought - how could they even fight this? I had documented evidence on their own website through their Message Center that my PCP change was received and approved.

I have never in my life experienced something so absurd. Every single person in their call center was unhelpful, rude, and condescending. Every time I called, I had to re-explain my situation. They did not even keep notes on my case?!

I am not exaggerating when I say this has been a nightmare. I will never in my life choose Aetna again as my health insurance provider.

I beg you to stay away from them. They will do everything in their power to not pay your bill.

Health Insurance: Changing Healthcare with Aetna (CXOTalk #317)

However, I am relentless and have been fighting back - FINALLY after a year of calls, letters, formal appeals, and emails, they have finally reversed their denial because their review "concluded you had changed your primary care physician PCP prior to the services being rendered. There was a system issue and the change did not updated in all Aetna's systems. I know.

I told you this hundreds of time. You could have just looked at the Message Center and we could have been done with this. But instead I spent a year receiving final notice bills and threats of being sent to collections while I fought with the incompetent and dishonest people at Aetna. I never thought I would experience an issue like this. It can happen to anyone.

Aetna will pry on people who are week and will reject your claims unjustly. Don't just take my word for it. Aetna does not care about you. They care about money. Called it to be told I had the wrong company and they gave me the correct number. Hope to finally get a meter within the next week 21 days after it was approved.

My wife is a diabetic and was on an insulin pump.

When you're looking for the best health insurance companies, it's hard to New Mexico, Nevada), Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Nevada; Aetna health insurance customers,'s health insurance ratings. Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent) Aetna is an insurance company that specializes in health care innovation, accountable care and consumer. 28, , that CVS Health Corporation (CVS Health) has completed its acquisition of Aetna and its insurance subsidiaries. Concurrently, A.M.

The pump was fantastic and helped her manage her insulin dosages with great results. Our previous health insurance providers always covered most of the cost for supplies but not Aetna. They cover a fraction of the cost of supplies, demanded that my wife use a different brand of glucose meter and then barely picked up any of the cost for the test strips. My wife is back to using a needle and manually calculating her insulin doses. My monthly premiums are higher than our previous providers, the deductible is much higher and the coverage is minimal at best.

I am in the process of looking for a new job because the poor health care insurance. Claim to provide services, they do not. Multiple accounts of Medicare fraud, 3 doctors who are under investigation for medical malpractice, Dr.

Colorado finally got the End of Life Options, thank God! I have high deductible group coverage through Aetna. This year we had a baby so easily met both in and out of network deductibles. I visited an in network urologist for a vasectomy consultation and was told I have copay since my deductibles hadn't been met. I've been on pain medicine for years and have been back and forth to the doctors for years. I have done everything that my doctor asked me to do and finally did physical therapy in which the next step would be surgery.

I was scheduled for surgery and had made arrangements with my job and people to help me out during my recovery, I even did my pre op and paid my doctor for his portion of the surgery, however the day before my surgery the insurance denied my claim the insurance knew about the surgery for three weeks.

It's dangerous for me to drive because I have limited Read More.

I'm not sure how people can call this a good insurance plan. They also taut their website as being the best, but I have a huge problem finding the right providers. I am searching for a provider, they don't exist. I try to find a hospital, I don't know how to spell the name, and if I search for it another way it comes up as 1 result spelled the exact way I did???? Then I try to use the filter which does nothing to the search.

I tried by distance, returns are random, I tried by affiliation, results are random even though I am looking for Dr. Then I said, ok I can narrow it by female vs Top Rated. What is Obamacare?

Best Health Insurance Companies for 2019

Suggested Comparisons Cigna vs. Kaiser Permanente Cigna vs. UnitedHealthcare Kaiser Permanente vs. Sign up with Facebook Sign Up with Google.

In-Network Your Cost. Out-of-Network Your Cost. Tier 1A: The company was founded in and is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut.

It sells its insurance products including health insuranceMedicaid insurance, dental insurance, pharmacy insurance, group life insurance and disability insurance in all 50 states.

Over 18 million health insurance policies are provided in addition to approximately 13 million dental policies and 8 million pharmacy policies. These policy holders are serviced through a network over more than 1 million health care providers.

Aetna has very strong financial strength ratings. This is important for a health insurance company when it comes to being able to take care of customer claims and pay all its financial obligations. Here are how the major insurance rating organization rate Aetna:. In terms of customer satisfaction, according to a customer survey conducted by Insure. For four straight years, Aetna was recognized by J.

Aetna, Inc. The aim is to help the consumer make a more informed health insurance purchase. Inthe Department of Health and Human Services and the White House Business Council recognized Aetna as one of eight organizations committed to improving health care equality. From the website, health insurance customers can shop for a plan; find a doctor, dentist or vision provider.

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