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Thick axa health insurance philippines review that sow

Global health insurance from AXA

Written by Marc Adrian. Our mortal bodies are not impervious to sickness and calamity, thus the need for medicine and healthcare. You can never know when a medical emergency will happen, and being caught unprepared can land you in dire straits even if you do make a full physical recovery from an illness or accident. Health insurance acts as a safety net in the event that we are caught with expensive medical bills. However, not many people are adequately insured in the Philippines. While PhilHealth is a big help to ease your medical expenses, its coverage fall short when it comes to compensating long term hospitalizations and severe illnesses that involve expensive treatment and procedures. There are two types of private health insurance in the Philippines:

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My AXA Insurance Philippines Review

I understood and agree. Accept the terms and conditions. Quote was sent to your email address. Purchase Online. Have maximum lifetime coverage for critical conditions. Be covered for 56 major and 18 minor critical conditions.

AXA Philippines is one of the largest and fastest growing life insurance companies in the HEALTH PROTECTION INVESTMENT EDUCATION RETIREMENT. Author Topic: AXA Philippines (Read times) Speaking of AXA - sila lang ba may health insurance like I-Heal? Meron na kaya dito sa gt. Should You Choose HMO Or Health Insurance For Your Family? May 23 in the Philippines are Sun Life, AXA, Prudential Life, and Manulife.

Get protected for up to P10 million in health benefits. Have a guaranteed health fund to pay for medical bills when the need arises.

Enjoy guaranteed health protection providing coverage until age , to ensure you get the necessary treatment in case you are diagnosed with a critical. AXA Philippines Health Max - Your Lifetime Health Coverage, Manila, Philippines. likes. Medical & Health.

Pay during your prime working years. Immediate family members can be also insured on the policy at an additional cost. Private insurers offer many benefits and features. Their facilities are usually at par with international standards and some even extend their policy outside the country. Each of these types of insurance has their own merits. While they may work differently in subsidizing your healthcare expenses, they can work together to further ease you from financial burden.

It may cost you more to have all three, but they can be your safety net when you and your family face a dreadful illness that requires expensive treatment and health maintenance. If given that you have enough resources, buying both will definitely do you more good in the long run. However, if your current financial state limits you to just choosing one, it will all boil down to its coverage.

Do you just want a fuss free health insurance that gives you access to healthcare facilities whenever you need it without having to shell out even a little cash? Then go for an HMO. Whichever option you choose, ensure you are balancing both adequate coverage and affordable premium. All Categories All Categories Close. Latest Articles Go to iMoney.

May 23, Health Insurance. Share this! Share Tweet Email WhatsApp. Written by Marc Adrian Our mortal bodies are not impervious to sickness and calamity, thus the need for medicine and healthcare. Philhealth PhilHealth is the health insurance provider run by the government. HMOs administer programs such as: Health insurance Private health insurance gives access to more comprehensive private healthcare networks, offering a lot more than HMOs do.

The benefit of this insurance can include the following: Senior citizens are automatically covered for free.

Policy term Fixed term Yearly renewal and subject to health status assessment. Senior citizens - indefinite Non-senior members - for as long as they're actively paying.

Premium Premium increases according to age. Premium increases according to age. Constant, unless government impose changes. Benefits 1. Hospitalization 3.

1. Have maximum lifetime coverage for critical conditions Guarantees medical coverage until age even after you have retired and when. Pros. AXA is the best insurance company in the world and so working there is really prestigious. You get better response rate whether if it is. My application to the Philippine AXA Life Insurance . para sa Health Max ko:) naka- isang taon na ako sa Axa at masaya at tiwala naman ako.

Critical illness benefit 4. Some outpatient benefits 1. Hospitalization 2. Emergency hospitalization 3. Outpatient consultation 4. Dental services depending on the plan Cash assistance fixed amount depending on the illness. Critical illness benefits Lump sum cash if policyholder is diagnosed with a critical or terminal disease. Covered by the policy but is limited to the consumable amount set by the HMO.

Axa health insurance philippines review

Z benefits package - subsidize specific amount for treatment and hospitalization depending on the illness. Daily hospitalization Daily hospital income benefit is provided. The amount varies according to the plan chosen by the policyholder. Divided into 3 categories: Ward type 2.

Semi private 3.


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