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Beijing health insurance makes strange

'God is my health insurance, and its free!'

One of the most important things you need to consider before moving to China to live is whether you need to take out health insurance or not, and what type of policy to choose. Click here if you want to send a request for a free quotation to the broker we recommend at the moment. This article is intended to help you understand what you will find in China, and to provide the information necessary for you to be able to decide whether to take out a health insurance policy and how to choose it. To do so, we are going to cover the following topics you can click on the index below to skip directly to the section that you are most interested in. If you are looking for information on health insurance for short stays or for tourism, while this article may be useful to you, I recommend that you check out this other article.

Beijing health insurance

Since Beijing is the capital city of China with a large population, many well-known doctors and medical experts reside there. Many patients travel to Beijing just to see a renowned doctor in one of the many hospitals that are located there. Public hospitals in Beijing are not only serving residents, but also patients come from all over the places in China.

As a result, most public hospitals in Beijing are often overcrowded, with long waiting periods and long line-ups. One should also note that the air pollution is a significant concern for both locals and expatriates in China.

The health impacts of that pollution will impact the health of expatriates in Beijing and having medical coverage, and preventative healthcare is critical. Private hospitals and clinics are also available in Beijing. These private medical facilities usually have English speaking doctors and medical staff.

Some of them are even expatriates from western countries. High end private international clinics such as Beijing United Family Hospital are one of the options for foreigners.

Such private medical firms can provide faster medical appointments and urgent medical treatment. Many private international clinics offer direct billing with global insurance companies, which is very convenient for expatriates living and working in Beijing.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs - Consumer Reports

Like most of China, private health treatment has become extremely expensive in Beijing, even rivalling the United States. Even at public hospitals with special foreign or VIP departments, medical costs are rising, according to recent reports.

Beijing Health Insurance Plans can be customized to include maternity, dental, chronic conditions, travel, personal accident etc. And we can also include a.

In case of a medical emergency, the costs are estimated to double or triple. Without an appropriate medical coverage plan, expatriates could end up with paying tens of thousands of US dollars or even more.

Pacific Prime are specialists in China Health Insurance, with expert advisors ready to explain the available services and products Beijing Health Insurance. Medical attention in China; Why do I need health insurance in China? . in China , such as Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou, among others. Medical insurance for those living or working in the China. Health insurance China plans are globally portable and fully customizable.

Many expats working in Beijing may qualify for the local public health insurance system. However, the public health insurance plans does not meet most expat needs, especially if you want to get treated at a private facility or outside of China.

It is also imperative to have an international health insurance plan that provides international emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. It is critical that a global benefit plan cover pre-existing medical conditions and provide easy access and direct payment to the hospitals in the city and the rest of China.

Expat Financial offers independent advice, solutions and ongoing service and support to clients around much of the world and we have extensive experience in sourcing medical cover for individual expats and expat employers in Beijing and the rest of China.

China Plan cover China exclude HK,Taiwai, MacauInternational Plan cover worldwide exclude US and Worldwide Plan cover all countries ranging from essential hospitalization cover to our all-inclusive packages which have benefits such as dental and free health checks.

There's no need for you to pay upfront because AXA Health Insurance pays your medical bills directly. Details below: And because it makes use of Direct Billing, you don't need to pay cash and claim.

About the Wellness Benefit: Company Address: RoomNo. In case you need to provide for your own insurance, you should explore insurance packages designed for expats We are currently researching the best options for expatriates and find out a competitive one AXA Health Insurance from numerous and dazzling health insurance products: Hospitalization Benefit: Your own personalized members card for fast service at our medical provider partner network.

No need to use your own cash or credit card for in-patient, out-patient, emergencies. Both fields of medicines tend to operate separately from each other; with minimum if any overlapping. Since the country opened its door to world trade, Beijing has benefitted greatly in the commercial sense, and this in turn has improved healthcare service locally.

Today many regard Beijing healthcare is comparable to some of the finest cities in the world.

The healthcare sector is also boosted by the six top-grade hospitals in China. It is also one hospital with long history to boast as it was established by Rockefeller Foundation in This hospital has gathered some of the finest medical professionals; with a respected team made up of some of the greatest practicing physicians as well as internationally renowned medical researchers. It is also highly regarded in the country, consistently being recognized as the top hospital in China over the past 80 years.

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital is a reputed children hospital. It was developed by academician Zhu Futang, the forefather of Chinese pediatrics, inand today it enjoys the reputation as being the biggest and most famous children hospital in China.

The following list is a Comprehensive overview of the Hospitals found in Beijing. China Expat Health Insurance. Review & compare Medical Insurance companies & plans. Get a quote! Best Health Insurance in China for Foreigners. Beijing health insurance information and information about healthcare in Beijing. Medical. As one of China's top-tier cities, Beijing is known for its culture and history. They can be cost-prohibitive for those without international health insurance.

It came into being inand Beijing Tongren Hospital now is famous for its primary care as well as specialist treatment. Proud owner of some of the latest medical equipments and technologies, it is especially noted as the foremost treatment center for its superb ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. Beijing Anzhen Hospital started life in April This is one hospital which boldly targeted itself to being a Chinese premier hospital, capable of providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services while special attention on heart and lung diseases treatments.

Obtain important information on healthcare options for expats in Beijing and why international health insurance is critical if you are a foreigner. Having healthcare insurance will ease the burden of paying out of pocket. Below is a breakdown of what to expect from healthcare in Beijing. Most expats needing healthcare in Beijing go to the city's private hospitals and Beijing locals generally don't use separate general practitioner clinics, but Aetna is an award-winning insurance business that provides health benefits to more.


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