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How do Deductibles and Coinsurance work? What is the difference?

All health insurance requires consumers to pay some of the cost of covered health care services. In a traditional copay plan, you pay a fixed amount per service. You may have a copayment for emergency room services; check your plan for details emergency services for non-emergency problems. In a coinsurance model, you pay a fixed percentage of each service. With a deductible, you pay the entire amount allowed for all services provided until the deductible is met. The deductible starts over every plan year.

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Rome, the dj insurance for wedding reap

Music is almost always the best way to get a party started. As a DJ, you bring joy to your clients and other patrons who are looking to have a good time together and dance the night away. But, since you're in an environment where things can sometimes go wrong, your expensive equipment could easily be damaged. Additonally, you face some liability risks when you move equipment, set up a laser show, or turn on a fog machine. Don't take the risk of losing your gear or getting into an expensive liability lawsuit without protection.

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