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Best insurance for chevy volt always greener the

Chevy Volt Vlog #29.7: Flat not fixable. Replaced. Michelin Energy vs Premier

When it comes to the auto industry, it's clear that more consumers are liking electric vehicles and other alternative fuel choices. Touting long mileage on a single charge and the promise of never paying at the pump, drivers might be excited by the potential savings on gas and maintenance. What drivers need to consider are not only the long-term fuel savings, but the upfront costs as well. In terms of insurance, electric cars are less expensive for the most part. That may be because insurance companies view EV drivers as more responsible, and therefore less likely to get into an accident or get a traffic violation. However, not every electric vehicle is cheaper to insure.

To many variables, with my policy you can have close to a 3X difference based on the options you select, deductibles, policy limits, uninsured driver protection, plus more addons Try Geico and do the online quote calculatorit will give an a general idea of cost.

I had a 13 Leaf and a 14 Volt.

It is impossible to say how much the insurance will be for the Chevy Volt You'll need to look at those, and talk to a few companies to best determine your rates. How much are you spending on car insurance per month on the Volt? I use progressive and it's now under $/mo for very good insurance. How much does it cost to insure your Chevrolet Volt? We compare insurance rates across dozens of insurance companies to help you find the best prices.

Thanks for the responses. That's generally what people compare it to for size class and pointless 'value' comparisons. It basically cost the same for full coverage on this as minimum coverage on my old car.

Best insurance for chevy volt

Location is a big variable. Also "No Fault" states are something else. It all depends on factors other than the car. Driver age and accident history is key.

Multi-driver, multi-car, and bundled home ins makes a huge difference as well. I don't think you can easily come up with a rule of thumb.

But this added comprehensive which in itself would obviously cost more.

Of the three Toyota hybrid models we evaluated, the Prius is the cheapest to insure, if not to buy. If you want to purchase this vehicle, consider Farmers and Nationwide for your car insurance. In short, no. Car insurance is designed to be as broad as possible and to accommodate all forms of vehicles, including eco-friendly cars.

The only truly unique aspect of hybrid or EV car insurance is the potential for an EV or hybrid auto insurance discount.

So, it makes sense to save whenever possible. Car insurance has an annoying habit of becoming more expensive the more you use it.

Nearly every car insurance company will raise your rates quite significantly after filing a claim. Moreover, a claim continues to be a chargeable offense for three years.

Moreover, there is much less of a financial penalty for filing a comprehensive or uninsured motorist property damage deductible.

Is car insurance more expensive for hybrid and electric vehicles? If you're looking for cheap car insurance for a Chevy Volt, begin your search with . a Honda Accord EX with a good driving history and coverage limits of $50, bodily. The average Chevrolet Volt car insurance cost is $ a month, or $ a year. Compare different insurance providers to find the best price. I am using AAA insurance for two Volts and It is running about $ My insurance (in a 2 car household), full coverage and a few good boy.

While there is a considerable amount of difference between your state regarding rate increases for at-fault claims, below is an average across the US.

Although typical car insurance bonuses are relatively small, they can add up to cut down on your insurance bill.

When seeking savings, consider the following discounts:. Hybrids like the Chevy Volt tend to be more expensive to repair than their gas-only counterparts.

Find out what determines the rate of Chevy Volt insurance and how a Not only is the Volt environmentally friendly, but it also earned a Top Safety Pick+ rating. To find the best insurance rates for the Chevy Volt, click here to type in your ZIP code into our FREE search tool now! Chevrolet, the makers of the Volt use the. How much does Chevrolet Volt car insurance cost? Simply being a student, a good driver, or having multiple insurance policies with Allstate may save you.

We compared costs for some of the most common post-crash body repairs, including repairing or replacing the front bumper, grille, and windshield. Insurance companies are concerned with these prices because they reflect what they might have to pay out if you have to file a claim after an accident.

Environmentally conscious drivers will find a lot to like about the Chevy Volt. The vehicle is a top safety pick, and offers a variety of options and amenities to suit nearly any driver.

Chevy Volt the Facts and Myths

But if you purchase a Volt, be prepared to pay a little more for your car insurance. An independent Trusted Choice agent can help you find high-quality Chevy Volt insurance that fits your needs and budget.

An independent agent in your area can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies, and can help you compare rates and coverage so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

Find a local independent agent today to make sure you get the coverage you need. Chevy Volt owners can expect to have varying rates, depending on: Some of the more common discounts offered by insurance companies include: Insurance companies look at certain factors when determining insurance costs for a particular type of vehicle, including: Initial purchase price of the vehicle Repair costs Model history of accidents Safety ratings Speed and power Theft ratings Hybrids typically cost more to insure than traditional fuel vehicles for several reasons: Higher initial cost means higher repair or replacement costs and bigger claim payouts.

Not as many aftermarket repair parts are available because hybrids are relatively new. Some studies have shown that hybrids may be more likely to collide with pedestrians or cyclists because they have quiet engines.

Chevy Volt Car Insurance Rates: What You Should Expect To Pay

Expensive parts and cutting-edge technology requires specially trained mechanics. Chevy Volt Safety and Auto Theft Ratings Vehicle safety ratings are based on the frequency of accidents for a particular car model, and how likely it is for passengers to be injured.

The Volt achieved the following safety ratings:


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