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Architecture of insurance system the Ides March


You must support new sales channels. You must improve your win: In a rapidly-changing market, healthcare insurers must find appropriate systems to capture the opportunities on offer. Actisure enables them to improve processes, contain costs and deliver a greater customer experience, driving value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem Nicolas Michellod, Senior Insurance Analyst, Celent part of Oliver Wyman. Contact us. Besoin d'infos?

Always have access to the data you need, when you need it. Provide clear, structured information to all who need it. Eliminate overlapping, redundant tools and systems with one solution.

Insurance data model Data management Reporting and business intelligence. Accesses data from virtually any system in any form.

Provides dynamic business visualization tools for interactive data exploration, visual queries and more. View full features list. Technical Information. System Requirements. Recommended Resources. Get white paper. Read customer story. You must support new sales channels. You must improve your win: In a rapidly-changing market, healthcare insurers must find appropriate systems to capture the opportunities on offer.

Actisure enables them to improve processes, contain costs and deliver a greater customer experience, driving value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem Nicolas Michellod, Senior Insurance Analyst, Celent part of Oliver Wyman.

Contact us.

Besoin d'infos? En quoi pouvons-nous vous aider? Entrer un nom correct. Champ s non rempli s. A flexible, service-oriented software platform, Actisure enables leading insurers to manage domestic and international books of business, with implementations across Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Africa and Australasia.

Gregory, A. The Business Information Revolution: Making the. New York: Holmes, P. An Introduction to Boundaryless Information Flow. San Francisco: Open Group. Available at:. Architecting the Family: Jones, D. Capability Model. Kappelman, L. The Enterprise and Its. Journal of Computer Information. Systems, 53 4pp. Towards the alignment. International Journal of Scientific and. Research Publications, 4 3pp.

Lankhorst, M. Enterprise Architecture at Work, 3rd ed. Berlin - Heidelberg: Spri nger-Verlag. Business and IT alignment.

Metamodel of a Service. Oriented Business. Sinteza Sinergija arhitekture organizacije i upravljanja poslovnim pro cesima.

Minoli, D. Enterprise arc hitecture A to Z: Frameworks, busin ess. A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise. Architecture Methodologies. Houston, Texas: Object Watch Inc. Solomon, E. Boundaryless Information Flow. Reference Architecture. The Open Group. EA Framework Research and Analysis.

High-Performance Data Architecture for Healthcare

Salt Lake. State of Utah Departm ent of Technology Services. Urbaczewski, L. A Comparison of Enterprise. Architecture Frameworks. Issues in Information Systems, 7 2pp. Department of Defense. Technical Architecture Framework for. Reston, VA: DISA Center. Zachman, J. A Framework for Information Systems. IBM Systems Journal, 26 3pp. This article is an open access article distributed under the.

Download full-text. Citations 0. References This research hasn't been cited in any other publications. Enterprise architecture A to Z: Frameworks, business process modeling, SOA, and infrastructure technology. Jan Driven by the need and desire to reduce costs, organizations are faced with a set of decisions that require analytical scrutiny. Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology examines cost-saving trends in architecture planning, administration, and management.

It provides an extensive review of the most widely deployed architecture framework models. The first part of the text focuses on the upper layers of the architecture framework, while the second part focuses on the technology architecture. In this second section, the author presents an assessment of storage technologies and networking and addresses regulatory and security issues. Additional coverage includes high-speed communication mechanisms such as Ethernet, WAN and Internet communication technologies, broadband communications, and chargeback models.

Architecture of insurance system

He brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to these pages. By reviewing the strategies in this book, CIOs, CTOs, and senior managers are empowered by a set of progressive approaches to designing state-of-the-art IT data centers.

The Enterprise Engineering Series. The unambiguous specification and description of components and their relationships in such an architecture requires a coherent architecture modelling language. They provide architects with concrete instruments that improve their architectural practice. As this is not enough, they additionally present techniques and heuristics for communicating with all relevant stakeholders about these architectures.

The basic concept of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is not new. EA is a tional insurance companies. such as difficult system integrations (as a result of mergers. Legacy insurance systems can't keep up with to respond and plan effectively in the midst of rapid change. processes, and open architecture you need. Silvermoon's LUNOS Insurance Solution is built on the IBM Insurance Application Architecture (IAA).

So this book is an ideal companion for enterprise IT or business architects in industry as well as for computer or management science students studying the field of enterprise architecture. Sinergija arhitekture organizacije i upravljanja poslovnim procesima Synergy of architecture architecture and business process management. Full-text available. Feb Metamodel of a Service-Oriented Business. In order to maintain their competitiveness or to achieve the desired position in the dynamic market environment, a vast majority of companies are turning to service-oriented business concepts.

These changes require the design of a new business model that will take into account a new business approach.

This task presents a great challenge for company managers, who are often burdened with the traditional view on business models.

However, in order to facilitate this challenge, the appropriate approach and tools are required. The well-known approaches to development of service-oriented business provide informal and semi-formal tools that can produce ambiguities and which give limited possibilities for application of software tools in design.

This paper presents service-oriented business as an ontological meta model aimed at solving the above mentioned problem. The developed meta model represents a unique conceptualization and it contributes to a more precise definition of service-oriented business concepts.

The paper illustrates one possible application of the developed meta model for creating serviceoriented business model of a certain organisation company through meta model instance. This application is implemented in an insurance company, life insurance sector.

The Enterprise and Its Architecture: Jun J Comput Inform Syst.

Software Architecture of an Insurance System based on Services. Andre Viegas. Instituto Superior Tecnico. Abstract. This document presents a Case Study. Software Architecture of an Insurance System based on. Services. Andr?e Filipe Alves Viegas. Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in. Building flexible insurance systems that allow short product release cycles is a Architecture - and might wonder how the material presented in this paper is.

Enterprise Architecture EA is a set of concepts and practices based on holistic systems thinking, principles of shared language, and the long-standing disciplines of engineering and architecture. EA represents a change in how we think about and manage information technologies TTs and the organizations they serve.

Enterprise architecture as an approach to the development of information systems

Many existing organizational activities are EA-type activities, but done in isolation, by different groups, using different tools, models, and vernaculars. EA is about bridging the chasms among these activities, from strategy to operations, and better aligning, integrating, optimizing, and synergizing the whole organization. This article: A comparison of enterprise architecture frameworks.

Lise Urbaczewski. It provides organizations with,the,ability to,understand,and,analyze weaknesses,or inconsistencies to be identified and addressed. This study provides a comparison,of several frameworks,that can then be used for guidance in the selection of an EAF that meets the needed criteria.

Architecture Frameworks, Enterprise. Disciplines of enterprise architecture EA and service-oriented architecture SOA share several common goals. Most notably, they both promise improved interoperability and better alignment of business strategy and solutions of ICT. According to one study, 67 percent of governments have established an EA program and many are planning to do so in the near future.

It is an interesting notion that several governments are aiming to implement their EA with a means provided by SOA. This paper focuses on evaluating where these two disciplines are interconnected and how established EA can support the implementation of SOA. It was noticed that EA can answers many of the questions that are likely to emerge during the establishment of SOA and, on the other hand, scope of SOA seems to cover the horizontal dimensions of EA frameworks quite well.

SOA can provide an organization with tools to better align its ICT with business strategies but as such it does not give a means to formulate and manage the strategic goals.

From older, legacy policy administration systems to the latest claims management applications, SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture can access and process. "Architecture is a fundamental organization of the system, embodied in .. framework for the construction of an EA insurance company, which is. Chapter 1: Insurance Application Architecture - Executive Summary. 3 still struggle to manage a complex web of legacy silos, disparate systems, redundant .

On the other hand, EA does not provide any direct solutions for the problems it can recognize. Therefore, these to disciplines should not be treated as alternatives but instead in parallel. Zachman, J.: A Framework for Information Systems Architecture. IBM Systems Journal 26, With increasing size and complexity of the implementations of information systems, it is necessary to use some logical construct or architecture for defining and controlling the interfaces and the integration of all of the components of the system.

This paper defines information systems architecture by creating a descriptive framework from disciplines quite independent of information systems, then by analogy specifies information systems architecture based upon the neutral, objective framework.

Also, some preliminary conclusions about the implications of the resultant descriptive framework are drawn.


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