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Fools bg insurance cancellation email address win some

How to claim PPI compensation - from Which?

They were very helpful in sorting my insurance and Barbora was very courteous and polite. Was extremely impressed with the service Ellie was excellent so much so that I recommended BG Insurance to a colleague. Thank you. Communicative and helpful, whilst keeping careful administrative detail. Home insurance.

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I have had my car insurance cancelled because I did not provide an upto per ththe request of the insurance company. it has my old address on it. When did the insurance company FIRST contact you (phone, email, post. found this "CANCELLATION: We hope you are happy with the cover this policy . Unfortunately BG Insurance have quite onnerous charges. . We confirm receipt of your email and will be processing your request shortly. Address: 20 Chapman Way Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 3EF UNITED KINGDOM Email: Insurance DistributionA firm that offers or sells insurance products and services . Trading, BG Assist, 03/ 06/ . Cancelled - The firm has cancelled its interim permission to undertake.

Gain access to your dashboard so you can reply to this review. Free Access. On their own site, a new premium quoted same. Poor choice of underwriters. Absolutely appalling customer.

Now with the financial ombudsman " Helpful Report. What more do you need? The renewal quotes have always been competitive and they have been helpful when I have phoned them. Kelly Rosemary Bones. Steve Kidd. Custom care is excellent, theres always someone to help if required " Helpful Report. Which the compare site looked favorable.

I have 10 years minimum NCD. And they asked, Yea but experiance of driving a MotorhomeTold them I had caravans. I have driven and licenced to drive Double Decker buses. I have the Advanced Driving Certificate!! But No, Did not listen Just increased my premium. Would not know a safe driver if hit them in the face. Louise Childs. G helpful and excellent on sending out reminders which is appreciated in our busy lives in this modern world and if they can reduce your cost they let you know by moving you to another policy.

And they are usually competitive in the first place! Michael Bergin. Mick Heayes. They take your money and then concoct a reason to cancel so they can collect the admin fees. I got a letter today saying they were cancelling because they didn't have my licence check code, annual mileage and reason for a previous policy cancellation change of job because I work for agencies and go where they send me. All three were provided at the point of sale and repeated the weekend before last when they said they didn't have them.

Bg insurance cancellation email address

You don't have to be a genius to work out that they'd never have offered me the policy without this data in the first place. Don't trust them. Happy Campers! Anyone giving these guys more than 1 star just haven't been hit with additional charges YET!

Do not purchase insurance from these guys. I promise it will be cheaper in the long run. They offer stage payments and are great on the phone.

A company with a traditional read good quality customer service. Never waited long at all when waiting in que for call answer!

Miklos Kolozsvari. BG Insurance is rated 4. Email Address Reason. Please select the metric s your feedback relates to Report Question. How can I make my review "Verified"? Okay, that's great.

Visit BG Insurance. My policy was paid upfront and in full by credit card. They did not state that they required paperwork when I paid for the policy over ther phone. The request only came after in the documentation. I have never had an issue like this in 24 years of motoring and my licence is completely clean.

I told them that was outrageous and the reply was thet I was charged on a temporay cover basis. I am fuming and feel completely ripped off by the insurance company. I feel completely defrauded and want do something about this. I am considering a complaint to the FSA, and possibly small claim court action against the insurance company.

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Hi MM, on the face of it the Insurance co have behaved poorly. Whilst I know first hand how poorly insurance companies can behave from an administration point of view, assuming they requested the DL within 7 days of your purchase, it does not take over 2 months to get a new licence. The OP states the insurance company sent out automated requests plural how far apart were these requests?

Every week? Once a month?

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This information was left out of the original post, If they've sent you three odd over three months then theres really no excuse for not providing them with an up to date licence. When i changed my address i informed the DVLA the following day and i had my new one in 15 days and there was a bank holiday in the middle of that.

I have had car insurance for over 6 years with the same circumstances and having a paper licence with the previous details has never been an issue. I was not told that I had to provide these details befor I paid for the insurance. If I knew that it was a requirement I would of put it in order ofr just used my existing insurance company. It seems insurance conpanies are very keenand eager to take your cash over the phone but don't give you any idea what you are letting yourself into.

I wasn't told it was a stipulation that I had to provide any further details. Also do you think it is fair just to leave an answer machine message giving me a few hours to respond?

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That amount for just 2. Sorry that is daylight robbery in my eyes and completely unfair. The underwritters were Trident. Needless to say I won't ever reccommend Trident as an underwriter as they simply have taken what they like and been completely unreasonable or fair. When did the insurance company FIRST contact you phone, email, post, whatever asking you for an up to date copy of your licence?

Was the answerphone message the first you heard of it? Judging by your OP it isnt.

You mention "automated requests" when did you receive the first of these automated requests? What are you trying to hide from and what are you hoping to achieve by doing this?

Ended up cancelling as had a email with loads of PDFs with info which was silly. .. Bg insurance are an absolute joke,just cost me an extra ? just to change my address,if though my car has private off road parking and a. BG search over 30 major insurers to get you the best deal! BG Insurance are a specialist insurance broker offering many motor insurance solutions including. If you'd prefer to contact us via email, please fill out the box: email or text for the purpose of obtaining or administrating an insurance policy from BG insurance.

Right i think we're putting this together now. The OP changed address when with his previous insurer, had insurance with them for a following 6 years, has now switched insurance companies and the new company has requested for a licence which carries an address tallying with the other details provided.

Presumably this insurance company has been asking for this since shortly after the policy was put into action which is lenient, they could demand it before the policy becomes active but then you could be left with a few weeks without insurance whilst that is sorted and the OP has failed to do so. So you're saying providing an incorrect and therefore insurance voiding illegal licence has never caused you a problem before so why should it now?

I've never had to supply a photocopy of my driving licence to get motor insurance Why did you need your licence, Maintenanceman? Recently Asked Questions Is it legal to use a phone for navigation if it's on a dashboard phone holder? Which car cover should I buy?

Do you agree with BG Insurance's TrustScore? to them onto an email address then on the 08/11/ stating my policy will be cancelled on the 11/11/ as. reflects the administrative costs of arranging and cancelling the policy (see our documentation via email by giving us notice in writing, this will mean that you will incur a small charge for sending out hard copies by post. . Change of address. Address Telephone Number Car Registration Number Insurance Details I've received an email saying I need to validate my insurance details? 7 days to purchase a new one and change the vehicle over before the policy will be cancelled.

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