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Light cedar hills hospital insurance price liberty eternal

Rolling Hills Hospital Outpatient Program

Welcome to Cedar Hills Hospital, where we believe healing your mind is just as important as healing your body. Our comfortable, non-judgmental environment invites adults to take their life back from mental illness, drugs and alcohol. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. Intensive Outpatient IOP Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long.

I saw a great shrink almost every day, and with feedback from me and the staff we made some changes to my daily psychiatric and medical prescriptions that have greatly improved my life.

There are a lot of things i would change about cedar hills if it were up to me, but who knows if the place would still work? I am still sober and my psychiatric meds are now working better than they have in years. If this place was as bad as some have said, would that be true? I just left after a 10 day stay I entered with signs of hypo-mania, but was stable within several days.

However I was threatened with a hold if I tried to leave, which I did, and was told that this would not be happening. I was a very docile accommodating patient while there and deserved to be given my patient's rights, not have them taken away. At one point I was told that I would not be let go unless I agreed to move to another facility for ECT shock therapy treatments. I was bullied and grew to fear the staff at Cedar Hills. I luckily had an outside psychiatrist to call upon who advocated for my rights and I truly believe he saved me from another ten days in that place.

Brookside at Kaiser Sunnyside is much more pleasant and their programs are much more helpful than those at Cedar HIlls. I am a mental health professional. All I will say is for anyone considering treatment at Cedar Hills, go somewhere else. Read these entries carefully. Examine other options. This in and of itself is caring for yourself. Having been a staff at local area inpatient facilities I can say with certainty many of the staff are ill equipped by personality and or experience to be of much benefit.

Hospitalizations should be as brief as possible anyway. They should be used for stabilization only no matter the need. Other area facilties offer this. Committing to longer term outpatient treatment is the key with a caring talented porfessional, psychologist or psychiatrist.

I have to say that I agree with all the above comments. I have seen patients over drugged. It is hard to get some of the doctors to listen to the nursing staff. At one point the nurses refused to give medications because the patient was so over sedated. Some patients have been transferred to emergency rooms because they received too many drugs and end up in a coma.

Once you are admitted it is difficult to get out. I had a family member in Cedar Hills, When we picked him up he was in horrible and unbelievable shape! Does anyone know if there has been any investigations or law suits with Cedar Hills or its doctors and staff??

Cedar Hills Hospital was for profit years ago until insurance limits were placed on MH benefits. Once placed, this provider left the state. Now we have MH parity and you can bet these sleezy providers will all flock back to Oregon. I admitted myself because of overwhelming grief. I was looking for guidance to help me work through my grief. The director was totally condescending and the staff wrote in my file that I was emotionally needy, which I found offensive.

What Health Insurance benefit do Cedar Hills Hospital (OR) employees get? Cedar Hills Hospital (OR) Health Insurance, reported anonymously by Cedar Hills. Cedar Hills Hospital offers healthcare, life insurance and disability benefits to help meet the needs of employees and their families. As our employee, you may . 14 reviews of Cedar Hills Hospital "Don't do it! She was also told that as long as she paid $ per outpatient session, her insurance would cover the rest.

They totally misread my grief needs. They were overly interested in any medications I am taking and gave the impression that they would override what my personal physician had prescribed for me. The schedule said three groups that morning but what they had was one group focusing on substance abusers avoiding relapse who have a handful of days clean and sober, if that. They have a printed schedule of group meetings which included art therapy and wellness that they give out and then it is not followed.

They have very limited space for outpatient groups crowded with chairs almost on top of each other. It was not a relaxing atmosphere condusive for mental health wellness.

Cedar Hills Hospital

I went for one day and I will not go back. My wife was sent here after having a mental health issue, they put their faces in the DSM and don't actually talk with patients. Couple that with their 'wonderful' accounting department, that decides it's a great idea to hang up in the middle of a conversation because they don't want to deal with the frustration you are leveling at them for their complete lack of actually doing anything to help the situation, but sure do want the money for the stay.

Since I have very good insurance, I feel they were more worried about milking that for all it was worth and not actually trying to help my wife with the issues at hand. Be very wary about how mental health is approached by this place, and so many others, because Pharma has trained them that pills are the answer, and not actually listening to and talking with the patients.

This place is hell. I would give them a -5 if I could. Untrained and extremely unprofessional staff. The charge nurse had no personal boundaries with patients. They tried to bully and intimidate me. Their techs were ignorant of patient rights.

Their system took advantage of more vulnerable patients. I was not given a toothbrush, soap or a comb until I asked for them. The only alternative clothes they had were paper, so I wore the same clothes every day and washed my underwear each night. I have worked as a professional in this field for many years and am appalled that they are licensed. This was the closest to jail that I have ever experienced, but maybe jail is less sadistic.

I still experience PTSD from my stay there. In addition, they kept billing and harassing me, although I repeatedly left messages with their billing office and never returned my calls. They only stopped after I filed a formal complaint. This is an institution that appears to hire the least qualified staff and maximize their profits from government-paid healthcare. I dropped my niece off at this facility with a feeling of hope and "assuming" she would be well taken care of.

Four days into her stay she suffered seizure from withdrawal. She would up at Providence Hospital where the doctor s developed a protocol to slowly decrease her medication.

Rolling Hills Hospital Outpatient Program

Upon her being admitted to the hospital, Cedar Hills washed their hands of her and discharged her--giving away her bed--and making it her responsibility to pick up her belongings from them. This was hard because her family and friends live almost miles away. Would not recommend this facility to anyone.

Do not take anyone you care about there. My niece has spent a week in the hospital and will be transferred to another care facility. I attended the Cedar Hills military program. It was outstanding! The treatment is evidence-based, kind, insightful, and healing. The staff were excellent all-around! I felt safe, cared for, and respected.

As a physician myself, I felt the medical and psychiatric staff physicians were outstanding. The nursing staff was kind, thoughtful, friendly and professional! I thought the food was good.

Cedar hills hospital insurance

But even as I was getting ready to leave the program, They began a focus group about how to improve the food! You can leave whenever you want.

Cedar Hills Hospital intends to compete as Oregon's only private . Cedar Hills Hospital was for profit years ago until insurance limits were. Cedar Hills Hospital (OR) benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Reported anonymously by Cedar Hills. Cedar Hills Hospital and Outpatient Services accepts the following insurance plans. If you do not see your insurance listed please contact us and we will verify .

I would highly recommend Cedar Hills Hospital inpatient and outpatient program to my most beloved family member. I was lucky to go there! Its clinical and nursing staff are hand-picked for their passion to serve the Military and Military related patient. The worst ten days of my life. I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

I came out worse than I went in. It took 5 days to even see a doctor and never saw a therapist until I was discharged. Food is horrible and so salty they had to put me on lasics. A horrible experience Please consider other options before going or putting a loved one in there! Spent 47 days here last year. This place is a mini prison, I brought my husband there he didn't get any help they just put him in a room to detox, no comfort what so ever. I wouldn't send my enemy there.

After forty-five years of narcotic use to treat chronic severe back I found this mode of treatment no longer effective.

When entering the Cedar Hills Hospital lobby you will be greeted by the receptionist Form of ID; Insurance card; Emergency contact information; Your current. Cedar Hills Hospital is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), a King of Prussia, PA-based company, that is one of the. Read and leave ratings and reviews of Cedar Hills Hospital in Portland, OR staff begins verifying insurance coverage so the level of covered services will be .

Cedar Hills got me detoxed and has continued to help me adjust to a new life paradigm. The staff was wonderful at all levels.

Horrible experience. It's sad because for the most part the people that work there are good people. If you have a serious medical condition do not go there.

The Doctors think they know everything, and because of that and the fact that it's a psych hospital, they don't listen to the patients. If it comes to them having to call an ambulance for you, good luck, it generally won't happen, it makes them look bad, and remember, you're locked in Be careful with Cedar Hills they were quick to separate me from my loved one and money, now I have questions and the business office won't return my calls.

Admitting my loved one was an extremely high pressure experience that reminded me of buying a used car! Worse, this choice was forced upon us. A family member was sent here by a local hospital for the detox program.

I do believe that part of the program was effective, but I have no basis for comparison. Sadly, other mental health problems surfaced during the stay and my family member decompensated and the hospital was unable to help or manage her needs. She worsened At Cedar Hills, there is no psychiatrist on site to meet with patients. Only a Nurse Practitioner. The medication management was confusing and we were never able to meet one on one with the nurse practitioner.

The environment was rather drab and often chaotic. The visiting hours are minimal and not convenient. And the place didn't seem all that clean. When my person was discharged, they sent her out a back door through what looked like a furniture dump of their trashed furniture.

I would not recommend this place if there were alternative treatment sites. My daughter was admitted to cedar hills today. The people who go to cedar hills need help so they can get better not to be given meds by irresponsible staff. Friendly staff. Need more addiction education. Smoking allowed fun activities and groups visitation allowed. It was helpful for my husband, but he got very bored.

It seems effective. I had 2 "teachers": one in the morning for 2 sessions; one in the afternoon for 2 sessions. The morning teacher was a true "newbie". There are things that said about patients and co-workers that is, again, cringe-worthy. List based on reports from current and former employees. It may not be complete.

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