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Tom brunette insurance maine careful

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Eric has been in the electronics service field for 40 yrs. The experience with numerous systems and the ability to keep them operating smoothly, as well as the ability to deal with a wide range of customers are assets that make for a positive service experience at NCS. We specialize in home repair, remodeling and renovations. Our goal is to be comprehensive, offering both interior and exterior services all within one company. On the exterior, we build fences, decks, sheds, patios, arbors, pergolas and install awnings. Inside, we do kitchens, bathrooms, sun-rooms and additions. From framing to painting, we do it all!

I truly believe that good communication is the cornerstone of success. With 3 decades of real estate experience, I thoroughly enjoy my work. My clients deserve the very best in the services that I have to offer. They can count on me to provide them with the information they need in a timely manner. I also provide 24 hour online access through a personal Web Page custom designed to meet their needs with continual communication and a wealth of resources. Darren is a Portland native and knows Southern Maine better than anyone.

That knowledge, combined with his work ethic and huge network makes Darren one of the best Realtors in Southern Maine.

Keller Williams Realty takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. Rich Mead utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, he actively listens and that means he find solutions that are tailored to you.

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a property, Red Door Title can take care of your real estate title needs. Our attorneys and closing staff offer over years of experience to bring you the best closing service in the area. Buying or selling a home is the most exciting, and potentially stressful experience a human can go through, and the market in the past few years has only increased the uncertainty of how to best approach the market with a sale or a purchase.

I understand and appreciate the significance of your sale or purchase and will guarantee you a successful, trouble-free transaction. I look forward to discussing your concerns, and to partnering with you to make your transition simple and enjoyable.

What makes our business successful is the attention to detail, an innovative approach to the market, and measurable customer service. Nick lives in Lewiston with his wife and 2 daughters. He is a graduate of Lewiston high school and attended Southern Maine Technical College earning a degree in electrical technology in Choose any Category to view the corresponding listings of professionals: Show Bio. Show Map. Biography Eric has been in the electronics service field for 40 yrs.

Biography Ocean Gate Realty is a boutique real estate company serving Portland, the Peninsula and the surrounding Portland communities. Biography Life is short.

Dan Dougherty Maine Edward Jones. Biography Our financial advisors make every effort to build one-on-one relationships with clients, offering personalized attention and financial guidance.

As a saxophone player, he majored in music at the University of Kansas, earning a bachelor's as well as a master's degree.

Tom brunette insurance maine

He started working for Northwestern Mutual when he was a student in Four years later, he married his girlfriend, Kari Larson, according to Johnson County, Kansas, marriage-license records.

Lipscomb wouldn't talk to the Pitch on the record. After finishing his master's degree, Lipscomb stayed on at Northwestern Mutual, struggling at first.

He cold-called prospective clients out of the Yellow Pages, but in just seven years he was among the company's top twenty salesmen. He continued to play saxophone as a hobby. Professionally, Lipscomb appears to have made the right career choice. It was that kind of material wealth that awed other young salesmen trying to follow in his footsteps.

Many salesmen say that, in the past five years, Northwestern Mutual has made a heavy push toward Lipscomb's sales methods. And records show that, over that same period of time, Northwestern Mutual has seen a huge increase more than 40 percent in sales of cash value life insurance. Other life insurance companies have remained relatively steady in their sales of similar products. Salesmen who join the company's top sales ranks inevitably sell a lot of it plain old term life insurance doesn't pay, they say and they are inducted into the prestigious Forum Club.

Forum salesmen, sometimes with their spouses, go on a yearly Club Med-style retreat to a warm locale each November, where they play golf, swim and attend lavish dinners. Salesmen who aren't of that caliber say they feel major pressure to perform. One agent in the Midwest who calls himself a "soon-to-be former salesman" says he sells only according to a client's insurance and investment needs.

He sells "barely any" cash value life insurance because few of his clients need it. But it's the unglamorous term life insurance that most people need. That's my reward.

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In the past, [Northwestern Mutual] used to encourage us to do what was right by the client. Now I'm an outcast because I don't go along with their philosophy. In the videotaped seminar, Lipscomb tells a room full of salesmen how to make buying permanent life insurance policies sound more exciting than winning the lottery.

Discover more Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service companies in Portland on Web: Categorized under Insurance Companies. 2 customer reviews of Maine Insurance Agency. One of the best Business http :// Tom Brunette on Facebook. I recently sat down with Tom Brunette of MetLife Auto & Home and was suprised at how much I learned about insurance. MetLife Auto & Home.

In front of the salesmen, Lipscomb mimics his own successful sales techniques the soft tone of voice, the inviting body language and the artful language that convince consumers to buy policies from him.

Salesmen just have to emphasize the investment part of the policy and play down the life insurance part of it, telling consumers they can withdraw money "tax-free," he says.

He never tells sellers to mention that the money withdrawn would be a loan and that big tax bills could come due later.

With careful wording, Lipscomb tells the salesmen that they could get people excited enough about cash value insurance to not only buy policies but also give a salesman the names of their wealthiest friends, thinking that they're doing their friends a favor. Lipscomb tells eager salesmen that when he meets with prospective clients, he asks them lots of personal questions: How much money do you want to live on each year in today's dollars? Inevitably, they fall short.

By millions. I need nothing,'" Lipscomb tells the salesmen. So, during this interview I have disturbed the prospect. They are saving for a down payment on a new home, they have a kid who needs braces, they've just had a baby, they are having to spend money on diapers, they want to remodel the kitchen, they need a new car. With a prospect now in this frame of mind, Lipscomb feigns empathy.

But, he tells the potential client, he has the answer. It is a life insurance policy, just "not the type of insurance you may have seen before that's death-benefit oriented. Lipscomb knows the prospect might be thinking that now is not the time. He has an answer for that, too. You've got all these things pulling at you.

Here's what I suggest a person in your situation do. I suggest you get started with a plan like I'm describing at some modest level In his seminars, Lipscomb seems to be telling the salesmen in his audience to push a client to buy life insurance as a retirement fund regardless of the client's needs. Several of Lipscomb's sales practices may be questionable by industry standards, according to the National Association of Securities Dealers, which enforces securities regulations in the United States.

The NASD's prohibited practices include "recommending to the customer the purchase or sale of a security that is unsuitable for the customer's age, financial situation or investment objective" and "misrepresenting or failing to disclose material facts concerning an investment.

Taber quit Northwestern Mutual in after thirty years, in part because he felt the company was pressuring him to sell like Lipscomb. Taber says cash value life insurance policies are not inherently bad as long as they're sold to people who really need life insurance and not pawned off on customers as "retirement plans with a free physical exam" a phrase that has become a joke among Northwestern Mutual salesmen. Taber attended Lipscomb's seminar in It was about a greed-based sale.

When he's speaking at seminars, Lipscomb, who is in his early forties, usually sports a short-sleeved polo shirt and khakis. His wire-rimmed glasses give him a conservative, intelligent look. His dark hair is slicked back. His voice is quietly persuasive. He talks about how practice makes perfect and how he can play the saxophone without any crescendos, or he can play it very dramatically and the same thing applies to sales.

He's bigger than life. The women are all like, oh, he's not even that good-looking but there's something so sexy about him. Mike Woollen is the type of guy who's almost always smiling. At 33, he's making a six-figure salary.

But Woollen is ambitious, a planner. A dental-equipment salesman who's married to a doctor, he drives a minivan with two child-safety seats firmly secured in back.

He, his wife and two toddlers live in a quiet neighborhood north of the river. Woollen's future, and his family's future, are very important to him. When he was a twelve-year-old kid, while most of his cohorts were blowing their money on video games, Woollen, with the advice of his grandfather, was investing in the stock market.

View Tom Brunette's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional Insurance. First Insurance Agency. Reinauer Transportation. Maine Maritime. In the summer of , Maine newspaper reporters began writing about a new minor league hockey team starting up in Portland. They had no. 1 review of First Insurance Agency "First Insurance Agency provides Maine folks with a variety of coverage options and insurance prices - all from high quality.

Today, he reads the business section of the newspaper first and checks out The Wall Street Journal online. When Woollen and his wife married four years ago, they immediately took out life insurance.

They bought their policies from Northwestern Mutual. She had learned about the company from a colleague whose husband, John Black, was a salesman there. Woollen was dealing with Black and another salesman, Scott Penning, when he mentioned that he wanted to find an additional way to invest money for retirement.

Woollen thought he knew about investing.

Missing Maine teacher Kristin Westra's body is found

But cash value life insurance is complicated, and even the financially savvy people he consulted for advice, including his accountant father, didn't know much about it. Woollen says Black and Penning sold it to him as an investment and failed to disclose big pitfalls. Didn't go into any of the risks. He said, 'This is specifically designed for people like you, high-income earners.

InWoollen and his wife each bought a policy.

The couple dumped hundreds of dollars a month into the policies so they could accumulate money faster for retirement. Last year, Woollen saw a small newspaper article about the "surrender squeeze. That means the now-retired policyholder is forced to start paying interest on the loan and possibly premiums on the policy potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Otherwise the policyholder faces a whopper of a tax bill possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars due in a single year.

After reading other information about the risks associated with cash value life insurance, Woollen felt that Northwestern Mutual had duped him. He was angry and wanted his money back. In JuneWoollen wrote to Northwestern Mutual's home office, outlining his complaints. He claimed that Northwestern salesmen had sold policies to him and his wife "based on [un]ethical misrepresentations.

In a complaint to the Missouri Department of Insurance, Woollen wrote that Black apologized when Woollen confronted him. Related Pages. Matt Whitten Real Estate Estate agent.

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Piper Electric Electrician. Job Preparation by It-Zone Education website.

First Insurance Agency, Portland, ME. likes. Personal home and auto insurance, and commercial property and liability Insurance Agent in Portland, Maine. First Insurance Agency. Congress St, Portland, ME Phone:() Directions. Default copyright text. ^. Responsive Theme. Lakes Region, Maine Naples Computer Services. Work Naples ME Logo for Tom Brunette. Tom Brunette. Maine First Insurance Agency. Work Portland ME.

Belissimo Hair salon. First Class Insurance Agency Insurance company. First Founders Insurance Agency Insurance broker. Equinox Insurance Insurance Agent. Smith's Remodeling Business service. SoPo Stainless Local business. Jane R Bell: Allstate Insurance Insurance Agent. Green Pastures 23 Online Marketing Web designer.

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