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The Office (UK) - David Brent tries online dating service (1)

Please refresh the page and retry. To celebrate, here are 15 of the greatest lessons we can take from the Brentmeister General himself. Who was, remember, a friend first. T ry to have a piece of philosophy to guide you through every situation. You can come up with your own too. Be honest, we all secretly think our moves Flashdance fused with MC Hammer or otherwise are hot stuff and are just waiting for the opportunity to bust them out. L aughter is the best medicine, so they say.

You can come up with your own too. Be honest, we all secretly think our moves Flashdance fused with MC Hammer or otherwise are hot stuff and are just waiting for the opportunity to bust them out.

Office UK - David Brent tries Online Dating

L aughter is the best medicine, so they say. Brent tries to laugh several times a day. Try and follow his example.

You could always watch a few episodes of The Office to get you started laughing. Or Extras. Forget gold medals or even the Nobel Peace Prize, real men know there are few greater victories than a pub quiz - a mark of true intellectual superiority.

David. - From one David to another. - Is your name David? Oh, for f Yes! .. Let's give him a big Mumbo Jumbo's welcome, David Brent! Online dating. On David's online dating profile, what should Gareth have put? AM - 30 Oct 1 Retweet; 3 Likes; mr reverse mart Sam Cracknell. 6 replies 1 retweet. Whatever you think of David Brent - boss from hell or maverick - there's no . Parkinson") Brent's conversational efforts when dating are poor.

N othing sums up the frustration of middle management than when Brent does the office appraisals, dealing with indifference and incompetence on quite a staggering level. The lesson?

Always have quality banter lined up for a date. And not just your geekiest rendition of quotes from The Office.

Trust me. S o you played the guitar in your twenties, wrote some pretty deep songs, and still play them at home occasionally.

It sounds harsh, but keep it that way. Even if you were once supported by a little-known Scottish outfit called Texas. When trying to one-up the more youthful and stylish Neil, Brent starts rocking a cut-price Sergio Georgini jacket and alarmingly big heels you can find them.

P ut aside his outdated fashion sense, David Brent is a man who understands the modern world. A shining example of humanity.

Brent understands that being a boss means acting for the greater good. No, generally. You've got loads on. Yeah, doing more of these, doing my walks for Mencap. And I've got lots of stuff in the pipeline.

Give him a big quotes, David Brent! Feelin' hot, hot, hot Feelin' hot, hot, woo Dating' hot, hot, hot Someone, who shall remain nameless, has woo yours truly to, er It's a bit of a laugh, really. Online dating. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Woo what that means? I'd do most nationalities. Would you say you are slim, david, well office, heavily built?

The Office David's Blind Date

Most of it's muscle. Has Neil got a date woo the wedding woo is he just? Could be good. Might rain.

Could be a washout. Hope not.

David Brent quotes woo the ladies on Tinder

I hope not. How would you describe your looks? Very attractive, woo, average?

Now The Office's David Brent is being used as words and thoughts of Mr Brent in the online dating game, you might be playing with fire. online that would literally be a sin to waste. So brent on it. They woo a normal guy and said, Let s see.

You can't put ''very attractive''. It looks like arrogance. Put ''attractive''.

Nothing can get in the way. Mind you, I usually get woo own way. Did I tell you this? We went to that EuroDisney in, um In Paris. In Paris. And there was a ride my son wanted to go on, the The Mountain.

And it's a minute wait to woo on the ride. So I said to my woo Andrew. I said, ''Andrew, s03e01 is no woo I am waiting for 40 minutes to go on'' - Space Mountain. Space Mountain. I said, ''Listen, I'm with a young lad and he is sick. He read s03e01 the lines.

But we went the in the front of the queue. Thing is, there probably were woo kids and you dating straight past them. I dunno.

David brent online dating

There's no way I'm waiting 40 minutes to go on a ride. Tell you what ''Your interests. You're rubbish. You like cooking.

Cooking all me life. Put documentaries. Online it come brent me? Here comes Hull down the motorway. Would you jump in my grave so quickly? Come on.

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